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The purpose of this section is to collect my views / opinions / comments / notes on the various videos I watch online, mostly on Youtube, rather than simply watching and absorbing and moving on to the next.

Disclaimer: It came to my attention a while back that some people are finding their way here and seemingly taking offence to some of the content. I don't seek to offend; at most I like to share alternative views and be open to polite discussion. I rarely take issue with individuals, rather, I consider the system that created them.

I don't always leave comments on videos directly because:

  • The video has received a vast number of comments already and I think mine will go unnoticed

  • The youtuber doesn't appear to be someone who reads/responds to comments (so why bother?)

  • I have a lot to say, or more to say than is relevant

  • This is my space and have no trouble finding my way back here, rather than posting on a video and forgetting about it

I intend my viewing habits to revolve more around "thought-provoking" content, but intend to include some "entertainment" also, if not both in one sitting (my comments are often laced with sarcasm).

If you happen to watch any of these videos, or ones on a similar topic, then you are welcome to get in touch to share your views and links.


Joe Rogan and Ivermectin: Should Covid Be Politicised?
by Russell Brand | Date added: 09-September-21
The title of this video is weird; Covid has been politicised from the start.
4:23 That not being vaccinated is "selfish", or whatever, being vaccinated also affects other people...
...from the money spent on vaccines, tax-payer's money that we all pay and will be paying back for decades at this rate (just like [other] wars), the issue of the ease of how many people bend over and are persuaded to take it gives those in power an idea of how easily they can inflict other things (taking freedom and not giving it back), the possible genetic issues, the issue of segregation (divide and conquer), and the issue of the vaccine causing strains to evolve that evade the vaccine (which only protects against certain parts) and potentially become more harmful (even at greater risk to those not vaccinated).

As for Joe Rogan's situation, he is in a position of "power" with a voice on various platforms and of course when he says things "out of line" (i.e. not what others want him to be saying) he will ruffle feathers (I think it's a good idea to consider whose feathers are ruffled and why; it's not necessarily that what ruffles them is "wrong"). As Brand points out, he is also in a financial position which affords him certain benefits (and access to such medications). From Rogan's own channel and extended video of this, I got the impression that Rogan had already stocked up on such things; he's a prepper.


Do You Think People Are Doing The BEST They Can?
by Awakening With Russell | Date added: 07-September-21
With all the criticisms Russell has of the people "running the system" and the likes of Bill Gates, I find it very odd that he states in this discussion that he thinks everyone is doing the best they can. It's like he actually hasn't thought the question through, or his answer. Or is it that such people are doing the best they can, but this is relative to their mindset... "doing the best they can [to screw things up for everyone else]."? I don't think I'm doing the best I can half the time, and so I think for 99% of people there is usually room for improvement. On the other hand, I see people doing the best they can in the situation they find themselves in; some people need assistance to do better, but they are neglected.


mRNA vaccines explained
by Lex Clips | Date added: 05-September-21
We have to put a lot of trust in those who make mRNA vaccines... not only could they "cure cancers" as stated, they could cause uncountable other things, with equal intention, accidentally or as a side effect of the medalling. My concern is, particularly for vaccines that might become routine for the masses, that their makeup could be changed at the whim of whoever has control of them. "A little tweak here, and little modification there... oops, we didn't mean for that to happen [too late, many people have been injected with it...] Or years (or generations) later (in the case of those who are of an age-group to procreate), "side-effects" start to present themselves.

3:38 RNA and DNA are interchangeable; people have been dismissive of the point about COVID vaccines being RNA, as if that makes them 'safe' compared to DNA.
5:47 the immune system


'Natural Immunity' Lawsuit Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Ends in Surprising Result
by CBN News | Date added: 04-September-21



Kim Iversen: BOMBSHELL Report Suggests Immunity Triggers Better Response Against COVID
by The Hill | Date added: 04-September-21
Kinda knew this all along. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

All these people saying they need to protect their kids by making them stay at home, or go to school in masks, and get jabbed... they're just raising weak, medically-dependent kids with little to know understanding or awareness of what their bodies are capable of.


Neil Oliver: I'm convinced I'm living through a waking Covid nightmare that keeps getting worse
by GBNews | Date added: 04-September-21
6:34 ...unless the virus was released/escaped from a lab


Candace Owens debates Russell Brand
by Russell Brand | Date added: 04-September-21
Given that how wealthy the wealthiest people are, my view is that wealth should be shared if we are all to be living in the same system; it should belong to all, because we all generate it... if we all reside in the same system then that system should function fairly.


Beings Of Blue Light
by John St Julien Baba Wanyama | Date added: 25-August-21
I actually don't want to discredit this guy's experience, or play down what he shares; I believe John to be genuine and sincere (I've watched many of his videos). However, I believe what appears in the photographs are a lens effect (they only appeared in the photographs, John didn't see them with his eyes* at the location).

Note the direction of the sunlight through the trees; the light comes from ahead, you can tell this from the shadows. I believe that the sunlight comes through the trees and is reflected in the lens of the camera. Perhaps there is a smear on the camera lens causing the blue effect where the light hits it (the way these two images have been cropped may mean the smear, if there is one, appears in different places, rather than the same in each image).

You can see from this next image where there is no blue light that the sun light has dimmed (perhaps passing clouds), it is not glistening through the trees to react with the camera lens in this moment, thus no blue beings:

*As I say, I don't mean to discount the guy's experience; he relates how he was compelled to visit the spot and request his wife take his picture. This is the result and it looks quite beautiful either way. The way he shares it opens up a dialogue and discussion that I welcome. Just because he didn't see them with his eyes, doesn't mean they weren't there.

In other videos John talks about angels as 'angles' of light, and photons. In a way, these photos and the experience combine to express this.


Covid Cover-Up: New BOMBSHELL Lab Leak Report!!
by Russell Brand | Date added: 19-August-21
Brand opens (and ends) this video with the topic of trust... how can we trust governments and institutions who covered up the origins of Covid? But we can trust them regarding the vaccine they provide as a solution? (and everything else, like case figures, numbers of deaths, how many people have been vaccinated...)
- "commercially available satellite imagery... that shows significantly increased activity at the six Wuhan hospitals closest to the Wuhan Institute of Virology in September and October of 2019.
 - "evidence suggests SARS-CoV-2 was accidentally released" [as per the video below, it was almost an inevitability. For what purpose the virus was created is also under question: to better understand such viruses, or as the manufacture of bio weapons... since security was seemingly not at the level it should have been it maybe only ironic (rather than intentional) that they ended up effectively creating a weapon - it seems to me that irrespective of this, it has been used this way; populations around the world now experience far greater restrictions and are forced to be "vaccinated"]
 - scientists who wanted to investigate the lab leak hypothesis were bullied [others are/were labelled conspiracy theorists)
 - "misleading the world about the nature of the work U.S. scientists were doing in collaboration with the Wuhan labs."
 - "there's no way to claim we have done out best to learn how the pandemic started, so we can prevent the next one..."
(Quotes based on Josh Rogin's Washington Post article "New Congressional Report Says Covid-19 Likely Emerged In Wuhan..."
Mode can be learned in this video [link].


Breakthrough Cases and Vaccine Passports
by PowerfulJRE | Date added: 18-August-21
 - spreading of Covid is not only possible with vaccine, but made worse with vaccine
 - the only benefit to the vaccine is people generally have an easier time if they do catch the virus [in my experience, developing and maintaining your own health and fitness gives you an easier time with it]
 - but, there is a lack of encouragement to get/be healthy
 - virtue signalling; putting a mask on just for pictures/just to be seen to be doing "the right thing"
 - handing over 'power' (or freedom) that will not be given up
 - a booster every 6 months... [or just go around as normal (i.e. no mask) and maintain your immunity that way]


VFX Artists DEBUNK Pentagon UFO Videos
by Corridor Crew | Date added: 17-August-21
The topic of UFOs (or latterly, UAPs, but I prefer the former designation) is of course an interesting one. I've enjoyed watching movies such as Independence Day (the original one), and before that E.T. and I used to be an avid reader of 'UFO Magazine', even featuring myself in an article many moons ago. But so much of what's "released" as "genuine footage" that gains a somewhat "official" backing in the "media" puts me off the topic.

Thankfully the guys on the Corridor Crew channel on Youtube put their experiences together as VFX artists and (in this video) provided some genuine explanations for things the Pentagon (and the media) seem to consider worthy of investigation.

This makes me think that the only reason the Pentagon "legitimately" want to be associated with such footage is to justify their budgets (and seek more of the same) and associated departments' existence. The same goes for the media who have something sensationalist to talk about. Here in the UK we have our 'former Ministry of Defence UFO expert Nick Pope' crawling out of the woodwork in front of a camera on every such occasion there is for him to have something relevant to say (aka repeating his repeated rhetoric) [link].


Laurence Fox and Tom Harwood clash over vaccine passports
by GBNews | Date added: 03-August-21
I couldn't help but think, listening to young Tom* arguing for vaccines and mask-wearing that these things are for those that have either been lead to be fearful of Covid-harm or those that genuinely should be - if in the latter camp then masks and the vaccine are probably for you. I think everyone should be doing their best to be living a fit and healthy life, because then if you're not in an at-risk category then you've really got little to worry about (I don't buy into the whole "you can have it and not know it [and thus pass it onto someone else]", it's either largely nonsense or again, focus on your health or fitness or get jabbed, and stop fearing the fate that is being prescribed to you.

*I half expected Laurence to call Tom a cheaky little sh!t moments after the clip ended. Someone in the comments section referred to him as someone in school that is set the assignment of arguing for a given side of an arguement and thus failing to do so genuinely.


Why Censoring FREE SPEECH Is WRONG!!! Professor Brian Cox on the necessity of conflict
by Russell Brand | Date added: 03-August-21
I'm not a fan of Brian Cox but I enjoyed this intellectual debate between physics and philosophy.

4:33 "You have to, by definition, in a free society, find yourself occasionally at odds with the majority; that is a signal that you're in a free society [or one that is made up largely of morons], and you should celebrate it."

5:03 "The polarisation of debate means that people are just not thinking. [there's no arguing with stupid]."

[My words, not his]

I have to admit that I immediately chose my side of the Covid argument and can't see how I'd suddenly change tack and think "yes, I now see the folly of my ways, I shall now be wearing a mask and seeking out my double jabs..." Yet I know of plenty of people who do wear masks and have had their jabs, yet see the nonsense of all THAT, like they recognise it, yet go along with it because "life is easier that way" (easier than quitting smoking, or overcoming a food addiction, for example).


Neil Oliver: For the sake of freedom yours and mine I will cheerfully risk catching Covid-19
by GBNews | Date added: 03-August-21
I agree with the statement that is the title (I cheerfully had it already*), but while Neil Oliver writes and articulates a good rant, it's well, another rant.
*It seems nonsensical that I'm still having to play along with this charade over a year later.


The Truth about Natural COVID Immunity
by Medicine with Dr. Moran | Date added: 02-August-21
This isn't the whole truth.*

Stating (or being lead to believe) that immunity lasts only a certain length of time is unrealistic (or nonsensical). For people who have acquired an immunity (either through natural infection or vaccination) who then go around as normal in an environment where the virus still exists, their immunity will surely be maintained; it's not going to wear off after a given length of time. By the same token, those who insist on continually wearing masks and social distancing after developing/being given immunity run the risk of their immunity wearing off [there has been no official advice that caters for this, which suggests to me that those in power and insist on such rules being maintained, are keen for this pandemic to persist].

The point about the body's immune system being able to cope with variations of the original virus it encounters is an interesting one and makes me question the following:

- does natural immunity enable one's immune system to better deal with these variations (for one thing I believe that if you've had a tough fight with the virus this can make you better able to cope with future adversary "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger", it also leaves you less reliant on medical assistance and the drugs that carry with them various side effects, both short term and long term - a life of drug-taking, because that's your only way of dealing with anything from a mild sniffle, is likely to lead you into a future of medical complications consisting of more drugs to mitigate the harms caused by previous ones; I've seen this happen and I've been keen to avoid it myself.)

- The (attempted) closing of borders leads to differing strains developing. Again, this action suggests to me that those in power want this (either that or they lack the brain cells/foresight to realise this).
*I also don't trust this guy; stroking his cat like a Bond villain/Dr. Evil... (as much as I like cats...)


Wikipedia co-founder: I no longer trust the website I created
by UnHerd | Date added: 24-July-21
14:24 "All of the media, including Wikipedia, represents propaganda."

I remember the days when searching for something (I used AltaVista back then) and the results would be lists of individual and personally-created websites. Sure, each was biased and couldn't be deemed factual, but together you gleaned a fair amount of information and insight into a topic. This approach inspired me to create my own website where I could share my own input.
Now your search results are dictated by Google (if you use that), biased by corporations, and typically land you on Wikipedia where everything is presented in a form of bland "political-correctness". Delving into the Talk pages can be helpful, sometimes though there is too much bickering over semantics, other technicalities, and what sources are allowed or not. Sometimes I have participated by correcting or adding things to Wikipedia, but this has grown to feel like a chore which receives no thanks or acknowledgement and thus I can rarely be bothered with it.

27:41 "We need to move back to a more decentralised internet." He goes on to mention his NAS box which hosts his own [decentralised] blog. This is nothing new, but few people consider going to those lengths... hosting with Neocities could be deemed to be an alternative. I considered having my own server (some 10 years ago), but alas my internet speed isn't great.


Don't Do This To Your Children - Ancient Christians Inadvertently Warned Us About Screens
by John St Julien Baba Wanyama | Date added: 21-July-21
We live our lives [too much] through the people we see on screen.

10:06 The "virus" manipulation through media
- people not seeing with their own eyes
"people are dying..." ... yeah, on the news.

13:34 The priorities of the system

17:40 "Be an antidote to the darkness"

20:29 The painstaking work of having your anatomy call on you to go to the screen [to log in]

[The fall of man... to lower vibration]

Changing one [screen] addiction to another.


How Taiwan held off Covid-19, until it didn't
by Vox | Date added: 10-July-21
As the video outlines, Taiwan has a strict system of quarantines and mask wearing (along with a 'health database' and a reliance on vaccination). 'Vox' concludes that the reason Covid cases skyrocketed was because they eased restrictions, allowing infected people into the country.

An alternative assessment would be that Covid was able to take hold so quickly because no one in Taiwan had had chance to build a natural immunity.

Sure, their plan could have worked if they'd kept their doors closed until everyone was vaccinated, but the video presented the timeline of other outbreaks (such as 2003 SARS which also came from China), showing that this will not be the last virus outbreak... I'd prefer not to live in a world where I have to be vaccinated against everything.

Given that so many people were illustrated wearing masks in the video, yet the virus could still spread rampantly once allowed in to the country, surely goes someway to discredit the efficacy of mask-wearing.

I'm not a fan of Vox videos (on topics such as this particularly); they give me the impression of bias and toeing the line of an agenda. The comments section of the video was filled with people agreeing with them, I even read one criticism against people (in other countries) that disagree with their governments.


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