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6. Twelve Things of Ebay

I've been buying and selling things off/on ebay for years. During this year this got a little more serious, first when I went through a weird phase for a couple of months of buying stuff I thought I could either do something with and/or sell at a profit (I have a tendency to hoard and had done well up until this point to combat this).

Every so often ebay gives me a 'listing weekend' offer (which runs from a Friday to the Monday), either where the 'final value fees' are 70% their normal rate, or limited to 1. This weekend I weirdly had both, but the latter was limited to only three items, so I cancelled and relisted three of my most expensive items to take full advantage of that. I'm now left to list as many things as I can before the day is up... the problem is I seem to (also, as if hoarding wasn't enough) develop some kind of deadline anxiety which leads me to seek distraction rather than getting on with the thing(s) I want/need to get on with... I've been like this since my school years and homework.

Anyway... I decided, therefore to make today's Advent thing about 12 ebay things I've either bought, sold, or otherwise listed/intend to list...

I finally sold my Chibi. I originally bought it off ebay, and it featured in my popular Tamagotchi section last year. Like my others, I was sad to see it go.
Advent netbook
I bought this cheap and as faulty, and indeed faulty it is. I bought a charger for it, added some more RAM, and replaced a keyboard key. I discovered the screen is damaged after being able to switch it on (although only damaged at the edges), and so far it seems unstable. I'm tempted to either list the whole thing as Spares or Repairs, sell just the keyboard since that's now complete (and charger and RAM), or continue tinkering with it.
Shuttle PC
I bought this old computer and have so far cleaned it out and replaced a noisy fan. I did try and replace the IDE hard drive with an SSD, but it so far refuses to play with those. I have a graphics card to install in it and intend to reinstall Windows XP afresh. I had hoped to dual boot it with a lite variant of Linux. You can find further info in the Project Log.
I ended up buying two of these in order to repair a client's faulty machine. The intention was to then refurbish these and resell them... but they've been slow to sell. [More info]
I bought one of these old PDAs. It was in pristine condition but the built-in battery was dead making the device pretty useless. I have managed to obtain a replacement battery, but this is going to require some delicate soldering, so I keep putting off the task. Find out more here.
I've been buying various components, such as to repair PSUs, like capacitors and diodes. Sometimes it seem to make more sense to buy them in bulk from China, use what I need, and then sell the rest.
I bought this keyboard off ebay a number of years ago, and then, because I had failed to make any headway in learning to play it, and I hadn't touched it in so long, I told myself I needed to sell it... but it still hasn't sold... perhaps I should rekindle my efforts to play it...
I bought this radio from a carboot a number of years ago. It only cost me 2 although I did discover the power socket needed resoldering (no bother for me). However, since the 'pandemic' I've avoided listening to the radio (I typically listened to talk shows), so I listed it on ebay and ultimately made a few quid profit.
A client of mine offered this to me. It was 'sight unseen' and sadly it's in a poor state inside; the old Varta battery has been leaking for a long time and damaged things. I've seen people on Youtube tinkering with such computers but accepting this project was likely beyond me, I promptly listed it for sale on ebay; perhaps someone will take it on as a project.
CPU Coolers
I've bought and sold a few CPU coolers off ebay this year. Above is an old one on an old Slot A CPU. It was being sold with one with a stock cooler but this one I recognised as something special... it's a Thermaltake one and of good quality. Thankfully it was still running quiet and I've managed to sell it (to someone in China) at a good profit, covering the cost of buying the two.
XP Media Center
I bought a little HP Media Center PC off ebay to tinker with (perhaps I'll add this to Projects). The previous owner hadn't created recovery discs so I promptly made some so I could reinstall Windows XP Media Center Edition (the tool only lets you create one set). I created some labels and listed them for sale on ebay in the off-chance that someone might want a copy, and someone from Spain did. Ebay managed the International Shipping for me and I was surprised to discover that this ended up doubling the cost to the buyer. I've now listed another set for sale, even though I've already pretty much covered the cost of what I paid for the computer!
Samsung I9505
I bought a used Samsung Galaxy S4 off ebay a few years ago; I didn't need a new phone at the time (I don't do smartphones) but intended to use it for various other (non-phoning related) things, such as possibly vlogging. When I acquired a Fitbit last Christmas I thought I could have installed the necessary app on this, but no, it was too out-of-date and Android couldn't (officially) be updated any further. I found instructions online on how to 'jailbreak' it and update it, however, every attempt lead me down dead-ends and following broken and out-dated links. I've ended up with my phone still working, but unable to reset to factory settings so I can wipe it and just resell it! It would be nice to at least get this phone in a condition whereby I can sell it, and/or successfully update it. Perhaps another Project page is in order.