Joe Rogan and Ivermectin: Should Covid Be Politicised?
by Russell Brand | Date added: 09-September-21
The title of this video is weird; Covid has been politicised from the start.
4:23 That not being vaccinated is "selfish", or whatever, being vaccinated also affects other people...
...from the money spent on vaccines, tax-payer's money that we all pay and will be paying back for decades at this rate (just like [other] wars), the issue of the ease of how many people bend over and are persuaded to take it gives those in power an idea of how easily they can inflict other things (taking freedom and not giving it back), the possible genetic issues, the issue of segregation (divide and conquer), and the issue of the vaccine causing strains to evolve that evade the vaccine (which only protects against certain parts) and potentially become more harmful (even at greater risk to those not vaccinated).

As for Joe Rogan's situation, he is in a position of "power" with a voice on various platforms and of course when he says things "out of line" (i.e. not what others want him to be saying) he will ruffle feathers (I think it's a good idea to consider whose feathers are ruffled and why; it's not necessarily that what ruffles them is "wrong"). As Brand points out, he is also in a financial position which affords him certain benefits (and access to such medications). From Rogan's own channel and extended video of this, I got the impression that Rogan had already stocked up on such things; he's a prepper.


Do You Think People Are Doing The BEST They Can?
by Awakening With Russell | Date added: 07-September-21
With all the criticisms Russell has of the people "running the system" and the likes of Bill Gates, I find it very odd that he states in this discussion that he thinks everyone is doing the best they can. It's like he actually hasn't thought the question through, or his answer. Or is it that such people are doing the best they can, but this is relative to their mindset... "doing the best they can [to screw things up for everyone else]."? I don't think I'm doing the best I can half the time, and so I think for 99% of people there is usually room for improvement. On the other hand, I see people doing the best they can in the situation they find themselves in; some people need assistance to do better, but they are neglected.


mRNA vaccines explained
by Lex Clips | Date added: 05-September-21
We have to put a lot of trust in those who make mRNA vaccines... not only could they "cure cancers" as stated, they could cause uncountable other things, with equal intention, accidentally or as a side effect of the medalling. My concern is, particularly for vaccines that might become routine for the masses, that their makeup could be changed at the whim of whoever has control of them. "A little tweak here, and little modification there... oops, we didn't mean for that to happen [too late, many people have been injected with it...] Or years (or generations) later (in the case of those who are of an age-group to procreate), "side-effects" start to present themselves.

3:38 RNA and DNA are interchangeable; people have been dismissive of the point about COVID vaccines being RNA, as if that makes them 'safe' compared to DNA.
5:47 the immune system


'Natural Immunity' Lawsuit Over COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate Ends in Surprising Result
by CBN News | Date added: 04-September-21



Kim Iversen: BOMBSHELL Report Suggests Immunity Triggers Better Response Against COVID
by The Hill | Date added: 04-September-21
Kinda knew this all along. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger."

All these people saying they need to protect their kids by making them stay at home, or go to school in masks, and get jabbed... they're just raising weak, medically-dependent kids with little to know understanding or awareness of what their bodies are capable of.


Neil Oliver: I'm convinced I'm living through a waking Covid nightmare that keeps getting worse
by GBNews | Date added: 04-September-21
6:34 ...unless the virus was released/escaped from a lab


Candace Owens debates Russell Brand
by Russell Brand | Date added: 04-September-21
Given that how wealthy the wealthiest people are, my view is that wealth should be shared if we are all to be living in the same system; it should belong to all, because we all generate it... if we all reside in the same system then that system should function fairly.


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