Err... Our "Leaders" Are LOSING IT!!

Video by Russell Brand | Date added: 24-November-21


My response...

I think it's a valid concern that the so-called "leaders" (as shown in this video) appear incompetent. They have a job to do and part of that involves standing up and giving speeches. Granted, not everyone is good at this and other skills would therefore carry more weight (one would hope).

I think about other positions and jobs; The teachers we had at school - some were (in hindsight at least) incompetent or seemingly exploiting their position (like the ones that had us work from a textbook for the entirety of each lesson, resulting in little being learned, let alone developing a passion for a subject). You might employ the services of a plummer, electrician or builder; they might turn up late and leave a small mess behind, but they got the job done at a reasonable price.

When leaders are either doing a poor job, or become incapable of doing their job, they should step down and expected/encouraged to do so; in such an important position of "power" there should be someone waiting in the wings to take over that role at any moment, especially during tumultuous times. Why isn't this happening? Why isn't someone stepping in to take Joe Biden's place rather than repeatedly putting him in awkward positions no one wants to see? Or is this exactly what we are supposed to see - what some people do want us to see? That is, the epitome of a fumbling and failing system as illustrated in the individual but representative of the whole?

Boris Johnson has always been a bumbling buffoon. I quite liked the idea of him one day becoming the prime minister; I thought it would be quite funny. Now that he is prime minister he instils very little confidence and I feel like I'm forever waiting for a witty punch line that never arrives. #awkward

These two (and others), I consider to be puppets, but I also consider something more sinister, like something dark is at play that both prevents these two (and others) from presenting a coherent speech (like some kind of mind control or brain-disrupting device, and prohibits someone else from taking their place (this is not science fiction btw). This something else could be the devil himself or some hidden alien entity, both guiding humanity further down a dark path... but that sounds rather silly doesn't it, and certainly more sci-fi? Either way, how can anyone accept and follow the rules and guidelines these people dictate to us? Surely they also are under the same spell.

Someone in the comments section of this video pointed out that this incompetence leaves the door open for abuse; indeed, strings are already pulled by big businesses and a medical industry raking in its billions, it is thus surely for their benefit that the governments of these nations become incapable of countering their efforts to control the masses and accumulate for themselves (further) the money and resources of the world.

What do you think?


Neil Oliver: Will we remain silent while a dark tide slides ever closer to our own shores?
by GBNews | Date added: 23-November-21
Lockdowns in Austria... I'd heard that unvaccinated people there were being "locked down" while vaccinated people were entitled to attend Christmas markets and restaurants. Then I saw a conflicting video stating that the Lockdown included everyone. Neil Oliver clarifies it here in this video; the Austrian government seemingly recanting on its original decision to only lockdown the vaccinated. Had it been pressured into this based on it being pointed out that this kind of segregation is against human rights and has happened at dark times in our past, from the Jews of Nazi Germany, to black people in America. Or, had it been decided that the Covid situation had worsened and it was 'necessary' to instead lockdown everyone? The conflicting argument being the high level of vaccination in that country... funny how it seems to make no difference to the rules being banded about.

One thing I didn't realise, but as Neil pointed out, when 'only' the unvaccinated were locked down, they were still 'allowed' (or expected?) to go to work, but to then return home immediately after; fine to serve the vaccinated, but not live among them. This sickened me; unvaccinated people accepted as slaves only. I think I would have either refused to work, or tried my luck with going around 'as normal' as I continually try to do, as my peaceful form of protest; practicing what I believe to be my god-given right, to be free to live on this planet how I want. I shouldn't need to be needlessly* injected with an artificial substance for this to apply.

*I gained my immunity naturally and shouldn't need to prove this either. Natural immunity has been shown to be more effective.


Big Health Update / Checking In [I got the vaccine and ended up in hospital]
by Kyle & April - Ride MTB | Date added: 14-November-21
In addition to reports of children having heart issues following 'vaccination', athletes are seemingly at risk too. Literally a day after I watched this video that landed in my Feed, I landed on a blog post on the topic of athletes, it just so happened to include a list of such athletes, including this guy.

Read: THE KILLING FIELDS: Dozens of athletes now confirmed to have dropped dead from covid "vaccines"

I can appreciate that such people perhaps don't want their voice used in what might be perceived as an "Anti Vaxx" narrative, after all, they've been persuaded to get the 'vaccine', perhaps in order to pursue their sport as a career (this isn't the first such video I've seen), but people shouldn't feel ashamed to speak out, or be fearful of speaking openly of their own experience. If there is nothing to hide, then why deny these things happen? Some such people seem to brush this off as merely a bad experience that happened to them, and something they now have to deal with, perhaps when in hospital this impression is given that "oh we've not seen this happen before..." because doctors and nurses are encouraged to keep their mouths shut also.

There is a further video from Kyle [here] and how he has been 'attacked' for talking about his 'vaccine injury'.


Spike protein inside nucleus enhancing DNA damage? - COVID-19 mRNA vaccines...
by Merogenomics | Date added: 14-November-21
Another doctor (see below for a previous video I watch on this topic) that talks about such things as the Covid spike protein, that it gets inside the nucleus of cells, and what does that cause or prevent?



Spike Protein Goes to Nucleus and Impairs DNA Repair...
by Drbeen Medical Lectures | Date added: 05-November-21
And this is why being injected with a Covid vaccine is a bad idea...

It's common knowledge that the Covid vaccines contain the 'spike protein' part of the virus (rather than the 'whole virus'). This has been portrayed as the "safe(r)" part of the virus, but it's now evidently not without its harms/risks*.

The following slide shown in this video states "SPIKE PROTEIN IMPAIRS DNA DAMAGE REPAIR" and "VERY CONCERNING". It lists the following under the heading of "Possible" i.e. what the spike protein could possibly lead to:

 - Immune Dysregulation?
 - Cancers?
 - New Cell Formation?
 - Growth Issues?

For a 'treatment' that's supposed to (i.e. promoted as to) provide immunity to the Sars-Cov-2 virus, it seems nonsensical to me that such treatment actually impairs ones' immune system. There have been other claims along the lines of, it causes AIDS... this being Auto Immune Deficiency Syndrome, exactly what we are describing, but such a term carries such negative and misunderstood connotations.

My approach from the onset of Covid (and long since prior to it) has been to promote a healthy immune system naturally; my concern regarding vaccinations (and prescribed drugs in general) is that in the long run (at least) they lead to a person being overly dependent on medication because they haven't built and maintained those natural ways of dealing with things. To me this is exactly what the medical industry want; it's how they make their billions and is why natural/herd immunity hasn't been encouraged from official channels and the media.

*These harms/risks are "slow-burners". A hampered immune system and cancers are often slow to develop and present themselves and thus when they develop (perhaps years down the line) it's hard to pinpoint the cause(s). I predict there will be a mass-issue/denial from officials/further cover-ups as cases develop where people's heath is in tatters (just like we're seeing with the case of Lockdowns and vaccine side effects). Of course, the medical industry have their backs covered by writing into any contracts that they will not being held liable.

The slide has the suggestion to not use the whole spike protein in the vaccines... sadly the damage has been done; some countries are reporting that (if you can believe it) up to 90% of their population has already been vaccinated.

Of course, the virus itself contains the spike protein, so you take your risk either way. Personally I think the best course is to maintain/develop a healthy immune system, either in preparation for encountering the virus naturally (if you haven't already)... or if you are intent on being injected with an artificial substance, then that. Once you have encountered the virus or had the vaccine you should continue your efforts of leading an immune-system-supporting lifestyle (sadly many people fail to do this and seemingly (although perhaps not intentionally) choose the vaccine route as the easy option). With the latter you might want to research ways to counter the effects of receiving vaccinations, such a path would likely lead to topics of "removing heavy metals" that are typically present in them.


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