Iain Duncan Smith: We either believe in the vaccine or we don't
by talkRADIO | Date added: 15-April-21
With the vaccine rollout fully underway here in the UK, there are those that bought that line but are now wondering why we're still talking about Lockdowns (the comments section of this video is quite telling).

4:00 This video gets onto this topic and leads to the very question: Which reduces cases, vaccines or Lockdowns?

5:48 Smith blatantly states that the path of Vaccines is a belief system, and that people need to believe they are saving lives. It is also stated, after all, that 23% of deaths attributed to Covid were overstated. Others think this figure is too low. There is also a point made about catching Covid in hospital (indeed, we're quiet on the MRSA issue these days).

8:00 "We must believe it's safe to live in a world with coronavirus as long as we're vaccinated." Or you could believe it's safe to live in the world without... and without masks too (rather than living in immune-system-reducing fear).

10:06 "There is certainty, it is called the vaccine..." and then he talks about how it's not certain.

Smith talks a lot about the importance of hospitality. While I know people that work in hospitality, and realise there are many that derive their income from that sector of the economy, I wonder why it is deemed to be so important, especially by him, in the grand scheme of things. It feels to me like this sector has been particularly exploited through all of this, such as all the various rules of how they should operate (or close) and the employing of Track and Trace schemes "You can only eat here if you agree to be tracked and traced, etc..." I can only think it helps in pandering to (and encouraging of) the compliant part of the population, therefore it is of such benefit to the system.


by Russell Brand | Date added: 29-Mar-21
There is little I enjoy more than watching a video about procrastination... before I get on with stuff! But here are a couple of points I take away from this (or you can watch the whole video for more):

  • Structure to avoid chaos; I've been working on this more and more

  • Score yourself on each area of your life, if all are low then you're probably depressed; I'd not come across this measure before.


Why you can't compare Covid-19 vaccines
by Vox | Date added: 27-Mar-21
This video provides an interesting interpretation of these things being injected into people to supposedly protect them from the more harmful effects of contracting SARS-CoV-2. But here is such a line that disturbs me:

6:40 "With each shot that goes in someone's arm, we get closer to the end of this pandemic."

The sad truth (as I see it) is that it just normalises medicating (or injecting substances) for every ailment, rather than relying on, or supporting, ones own abilities to deal with these things naturally, through healthy diet and lifestyles. "A shot in the arm" (or three) will not end the pandemic because more reasons are being put forward for future vaccines (such as different strains) and other restrictions. People's compliance makes it easier for this process to continue.


Silicon Valley's POWER GRAB - Can Big Tech Be Broken Up?
by Russell Brand | Date added: 26-Mar-21
11:50 Facebook is all about "exploiting a vulnerability in human psychology" - former Facebook president, Sean Parker

Also what comes to mind is "When you don't pay for a product, you are the product." or something along those lines.


The Commute: Walking 90km to work
by Beau Miles | Date added: 25-Mar-21
This is an inspirational video showing that you can make something out of something as seemingly mundane as the commute to work. If you're seeking some encouragement to get off your backside, then perhaps watch this... then pursue whatever it is you feel inspired to do. Step outside of the box. Everyone driving past Beau on his walk is probably you.


"Banning foreign travel is moving the goalposts again."
by talkRADIO | Date added: 25-Mar-21
Some interesting points made in this video and things I take away from it:

  • 3:33 Habit forming [the wearing of masks and social distancing, and will persist even if rules to do these things are taken away, just like the taking away of freedoms, people accept these things as "normal"]
  • 4:10 Greed and capitalism = successful vaccine roll out
    The Astra-zenica "vaccine" is said to have been provided at cost (something I hadn't previously heard). While this might sound good on the face of it, it doesn't mean we don't all "pay for it" beyond this in the long run, through dependence on other jabs and medicines (because that's what the industry/scheme encourages). There is a saying that if you don't pay for a product then you are the product.
  • 6:60 Testing and jabs children. Desmond Swayne in the interview agrees that these shouldn't be mandatory, but doesn't accept that the injection of children, who are least at risk of Covid (or the other things he mentions) is unnecessary. The jabs themselves carry risk, initially from typical effects of being injected with something, to whatever long-term issues may arise; for older people who are actually at risk and beyond child-rearing age, I can accept.
  • 9:14 A ban on travel = different strains. The whole act of Lockdowns and preventing freedom of movement between regions and countries means potentially significantly different strains develop in this near isolation, furthering the "need" for vaccinations. It's almost as if this is the purpose...


New Covid Protest Laws - To Protect You or SHUT YOU UP?
by Russell Brand | Date added: 22-Mar-21
It appears to me that more and more protests are taking place around the world arguing against Lockdowns and the like. Of course it's not easy to properly determine this and it is claimed that mainstream news is distancing itself from the responsibility (if they have such a thing) to cover such things, at best, or at worst not do so accurately (such as playing down figures of attendees).

I'm not a fan of protests; I have not attended any such public demonstration, I also wonder if they do much to set things on a better path. Instead I prefer to live how I see fit; protesting peacefully through my actions.

That being said, it is concerning how Covid (and events like 911 before it) have seen new "laws" rolled out and restrictions inflicted on the masses without what I would consider to be proper procedure (at best) and (at worst) in an attack on our God-given rights (at best) or (at worst) against our individual health and wellbeing.

 - 5:49 "Covid [et al have/] has become an excuse for the executive to bypass parliament, to push through rules on the fly after a nod from the minister, with little transparency or scrutiny." - Kenan Malik, TheObserver

 - 5:01 "KY [USA] Senate Bill 211, Misdemeanor Offense [aka being at a protest], (to receive) Up to $250 fine, Disqualified for Public Assistance up to 3 Months."

Russell highlights this last point; it is concerning that such a bill/law would target those protesters that rely on such "Public Assistance" or what we in the UK term Benefits. Are such people more likely to be protesting rather than the silent "good citizens" that sit at home absorbing the news as it is fed to them through their TVs, believing they are doing the right thing by following rules while they wait for their vaccinations and the all clear that life can go back to normal, or that this is all for the best?


The PCR Test Can Kill You and Can Be Used to Vaccinate You
by Dr Vernon Coleman | Date added: 20-Mar-21
If you're squeamish about the thought of having things inserted up your nose (personally I don't think such things should be normalised), perhaps don't listen to this video... or certainly avoid having such things done to you. The concerns this video highlights are as follows:

  • PCR tests are potentially dangerous (and have actually caused deaths where not carried out "correctly")

  • PCR test results are not dependable, yet cost the tax-payer for each and every one (some might say that is why the medical industry is keen to carry out so many)

  • PCR tests have the potential to be exploited to administer a drug or something else [just like vaccines]

Here the BBC have a "fact-checking" page [link] although they don't specifically address the above. The Wikipedia page on Covid testing is strangely quiet on the subject of people suffering as a result of PCR tests (let alone deaths), it's as if no one ever suffers any adverse affects from having something shoved up their nose (although searches elsewhere do mention "common" complaints. "Common" in this regard, meaning "normal". It shouldn't be considered normal to have something inserted up your nose, yet people are voluntarily having this done to them, multiple times.


Just How Bad is Mixing Memory
by Linus Tech Tips | Date added: 09-Mar-21
It used to be a particular issue with computers, especially with the arrival of Dual Channel RAM, that memory modules needed to match in order to function reliably together (if at all). Even variations between module of seemingly the same make and model could be a problem if not being purchased as a "matched pair". (Modules of the same make and model but purchased separately may come from different batches, or even different factories, in different countries; the differences might not be all that obvious.) These days, as Linus confirms, mixing and matching memory modules isn't so much of an issue; most of the time such modules will work together. It has been my understanding that mixing RAM is still not good practice, and in practice, the speeds and timing of the RAM will be automatically adjusted to that of the lowest performing module. With that being said, my advice, and approach has generally been, when upgrading RAM, to replace what's there with what's required, and then resell the RAM being replaced (even if in practice it makes little difference.) [It didn't really require a 10-minute video with a few LTT adverts spread throughout to say that.] It also looks better to have matching modules, especially if they have stylish heat-spreaders, something not addressed in the video.


Solo Through The Donbass
by bald and bankrupt | Date added: 09-Mar-21
In this video 'bald' goes in search of more Soviet mosaics and other architechture, taking us on a ride through what is apparently the worlds shortest metro. At one location he interviews a particularly wise "Babushka": "When the owners fight, their slaves suffer." [we are the slaves in such a system; when our "leaders" take "us"/our countries to war, we, the slaves, suffer.



How Vaccine Makers Caused The Opioid Crisis
by Russell Brand | Date added: 08-Mar-21
"As Johnson & Johnsonís COVID-19 vaccine is authorised by the FDA, today's video looks at the company's part in creating the biggest drug epidemic in American history leading to nearly as many deaths as have been lost to Covid."

My findings:
"If you feel uncomfortable [after receiving the COVID-19 vaccine], take paracetamol." - NHS
Paracetamol (also known under its trade names of Tylenol, Panadol) is on the World Health Organizationís List of "Essential Medicines", according to Wikipedia. Tylenol, as I understand it, is a subsidiary of, none other than, Johnson & Johnson [Source].

In the J&J advert Brand includes as an example, it is seen how such a drugs company normalises drug taking, from the every day normal experience such as teenage acne. Furthermore, the medial industry normalises the injection of substances (with what they term "vaccinations") and then when "normal side-effects" are experienced they provide you with the normal procedure of "take paracetamol". David Icke would call this "Problem, Reaction, Solution." J&J are one company that seek to have you covered.


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