Y2B - October 2020

"So many coronavirus rules because measures have a limited effect"
by talkRADIO / Dr Waqar Rashid | Date added: 30-Oct-20
The conclusion, starting from 10:54:
"We're doing a lot of harm with these rules; economic harm and health harm, and the end point could be worse, with more lives lost... At best we're prolonging the epidemic, weakening [individuals] in the process by reducing good health and happiness..."


Neil Oliver: 'Once you cross the Rubicon to a police state, I don't know how you get back'
by talkRADIO / Neil Oliver | Date added: 29-Oct-20
I have stumbled across a few episodes of "talkRADIO" on Youtube; I don't particularly like the style. At first, when I knew nothing of it, I thought it was some poor imitation of the mainstream media style, such as you might see on the BBC, and a soap-box for interviewers rather than interviewees. I was seemingly avoiding watching any more but then the one with Neil Oliver popped up; I used to watch his historical/archaeological programs on TV quite a few years ago so I considered that perhaps he had, what might be, a welcome take on the topic of present day stuff (the coronavirus-imposed restriction). I wasn't let down, even if the interviewer was Richard Madeley who I'm not fond of (in addition to my lack of fondness for the channel).

Neil Oliver spoke of and made good points about the following:
 -  "Creating a demoralised, fearful population, compliant with whatever it's told to do next.
 - There is a "callous disregard for individual human life."
 - How "the whole thing has become an article of faith."
 - "Headlines today saying Police will enter houses and breakup Christmas dinners."
 - He makes reference to Rubicon (and isn't the first with regard to this topic)
 - "In order for evil to flourish, good men must do nothing."


"How We All Can Become Stronger"
by Pamela Popper | Date added: 28-Oct-20
In this video I feel Pamela Popper's frustration when she talks about how we're a divided society (i.e. with some following the line regarding mask-wearing and some not; some agreeing with social distancing and "the hope for a vaccine" and others not). I agree that with some people, or indeed often, it is not possible to have a meaningful discussion on these topics (because views are so polarised and there is no changing another person's opinion (especially when the media machine has worked its magic so powerfully). However I am saddened by the prospect of "walking away" as she say, rather, I prefer to wait patiently rather than burn my bridges; I maintain my hope that either people will eventually see truth (if they don't already) and/or have the courage to stand for truth, even if they don't already. I'm not going to ostracise people, but if others choose to ostracise me, then so be it, but I will not walk away in anger, but I think with love; you surely can't believe you are on the right side if you lack love. So this is why I am saddened by Pamela's mindset in this video.


"If the Main Stream Narrative Was a Conspiracy"
by AwakenWithJP | Date added: 16-Oct-20
Another play on the truth my JP. In this one he mentioned "Event 201" which I looked up online and found this document. It looks to be equally bogus and seems to just answer all of a naive conspiracy theorists ideas... either that or it somehow foresaw the "real event" we are experiencing now, or... the event we are experiencing now is just another simulation.

"The Social Dilemma" on Netflix is a Scary Truth to See"
by Tentacle Croissant | Date added: 13-Oct-20
I'm currently working my way through this video which echoes some of the one below; how we are brainwashed by both the media and social media. I haven't actually watched the Netflix show they speak of but I notice this "brainwashing" particularly since I don't use Facebook and stopped listening to the news/radio some months ago. Not that I'm immune from such brainwashing; I have considered how "pop-culture" made me think "a certain way" whilst growing up, particularly with regards to relationships and the opposite sex, I consider now how it creates and thrives on certain trends from how people dress, dance and consider their gender (yes, gender as a trend).

"Former BBC Presenter Sue Cook on switching off the BBC News"
by Anna Brees | Date added: 13-Oct-20
There were many valuable points raised in this interview. You can skip the 4-minute intro if you want.
  • PCR tests from privatised companies (inc. Serco)
  • Lockdowns & other restrictions
  • Fear mongering and doom mongers
  • Money controls the narrative
  • News from press releases, not investigative
  • Not watching mainstream media
  • Having to stick to the government line
  • 12 weeks to "flatten the curve"... the NHS wasn't overwhelmed - banging saucepans on Thursday evenings for nothing [now we're heading back into winter and a "second wave"]
  • "Cases" vs illnesses
  • Is the agenda "Fear"?
  • Creating a dependence [on the system]
  • Mass/herd immunity vs locking the vulnerable down.. giving people choices
    Global usage of youtube/facebook/twitter monthly active 2.5bn
  • "question everything"
  • Mandatory Vaccinations
  • "It's not humane"

"Are You Outsourcing Your Truth"
by AwakenWithJP | Date added: 11-Oct-20
This video by JP is a little too short for my liking, at barely 1:00. Beyond "being afraid", "vaccines", "losing our rights", "Social Distancing", "Lockdown", "Not believing the news", all points I agree with, he could have included more, such as masks and following arrows.

[Covid-19] "Consequences"
by Pamela Popper | Date added: 09-Oct-20
Pamela has been presenting many a logical argument against Covid-19 tactics and restrictions and this video presents more of the same. She generally reads letters sent to her of cases-in-point, and then shares her views, my only criticism is that viewer comments are disabled on her videos, but you can tell from the number of likes vs. dislikes the number of people who find her videos and agree with her.
 She further calls to question the phrase "New Normal", which is a question we should perhaps all be asking ourselves; what version of "normal" do you want to live?
 She talks about how small businesses and childhood education have suffered, indeed, how children are being psychologically damaged and traumatised by nonsensical practices.
 8:57 "Erroneous data"
 17:23 "Cases"

"If the Pandemic Thinking Was Applied To Everything"
by AwakenWithJP | Date added: 09-Oct-20
JP's general approach mixes his humour with mindfulness, presented in the form of sarcasm. Often the message is mocking of particular people/groups and their mindset (which makes me uncomfortable), but the take-home message can be powerful if you pay attention. He content and style has really come unto its own with the state of current events. This video is pretty short, at barely 2:00, but if you're new to his stuff it will provide as an appetizer.


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