Y2B - November 2020

Hunting The Caspian Monster
by bald and bankrupt | Date added: 30-Nov-20
Cheerful and excited as every, these time he's monster hunting (an Ekranoplan) washed up on the shores of Russia. He gives an introduction to the craft at the start of the video and then he visits some villages in hope of hearing the Kalmyk language. At 20:50 he is told "Go ask in the temple" but I think this was mistranslated... I think the lady meant "God knows!" but he took it literally! Finally at 38:42 he finds his plane; epic!

I share his enthusiasm for such aircraft. During my childhood I visited an aircraft museum with my grandparents and was enthralled when I got to climb up into the cockpit of a Vulcan Bomber.

I still have my souvenir bookmark. Since then (in 2014) I got to see the last remaining one fly.

As for other aircraft, I quite enjoy assembling models of them... maybe I'll create a specific page for this topic...


Covid rules: 'If you're trying to save the NHS, why destroy the entire economy?'
by talkRADIO | Date added: 30-Nov-20
- The economy has declined by 10%
- Costing 10,000 for each person in the country
-"Allow people to take personal responsibility [rather than trying to micromanage]"
- 1/3 of people have t-cell immunity so can't get it and can't carry it or pass it on
[this would be more without masks and social distancing]


Sir Desmond Swayne [MP] 'speechless about the way people shrug as our liberties are taken away'
by talkRADIO | Date added: 30-Nov-20
That's an awesome library...
This guy is being very patient and polite during the times she rambles on with her thoughts, before posing the questions he's there to answer.
4:45 The right to protest and to worship has been taken away. Why do we need "rights to", why not "do" what you want to do? I don't agree with protesting; it's not that I don't agree with people choosing to protest, I just don't much point in it. Why protest that you can't hug your gran on Christmas Day? If you want to hug your gran on Christmas Day, then go ahead! Why behave like you need the right to do so? If you want to worship, then worship; don't behave like you are a child that needs to be "allowed" to do something. It's the behaving like some "governing power" has authority over you that gives it the power. I'm not talking about acting irresponsibly, but rather the opposite; take responsibility, behave like you are responsible and in full control of your own decisions actions. As for fines, don't fear them. If some "authoritative figure" wants to hand you a piece of paper that implies you have to pay some "fine" for some "offence", don't fear that happening, and don't live like it's going to happen, or means you have to pay anything; if such a piece of paper is ever handed to you then graciously receive it... and do with it what you want. You could pay it, or you could dispute it.
9:44 When asked the question of "why we have money for space-age weapons but not for the poorest people in the world" he provides the reason: "It's important we maintain our power and influence in the world." That hits the nail on the head right there; not only is that power and influence on the scale of nations, but on the individual also. And then she agrees...



Coronavirus Dr Mike Yeadon claims 50% of UK was already immune by June
'Boris Johnson is supposed to have had Covid...so why is he isolating
by talkRADIO | Date added: 17-Nov-20

[I got my notes in a muddle after watching these two videos, so I've combined them]
- There's a testing error problem
- Boris told by "track/test and trace" to self isolate for 14 days even though there's  - nothing wrong with him [and he's already had it and likely immune]
- [Micromanaging] and a lack of logic to the variou rules, which people are following the rules like sheep
- If you don't download the app, and you don't get "pinged" then you're not breaking the law for not self isolating, because noone has told you to do so
(no one has told me to wear a mask)
- If there's no rational argument
- No medical sense
- Only 5 people have had Covid twice
- Nothing other virus has been studied more thoroughly [yet it's like no one has a clue]
- Track and trace limitations: maybe not even in close proximity (just the same establishment, even on a different floor)
- People who want to market something will get round everything
- 65M vaccines needed = lot of money
- 3 months of testing, length of immunity, long term side effects
- Compulsory vaccines done subtly, by persuasion, such as for travel, what freedom it gives you [rather than takes away], similar to the track and trace in fast food restaurants that give you a discount on the food if you comply
- Dr Mike Yeadon visits his  elderly relative once every three months... not seen since march (so missed two visits)
- "Human touch and contact is as important than medicine", the importance of genuine empathy, luxury of time; air-stewards more empathic than some GPs
- Not diagnosing cancer because GPs are closed; "the gateway to the [medical] system"
- Death-rates have been more-or-less the same for the past 5 years
- Coronavirus might not be around by the time the vaccine is ready for all
- Herd immunity has a bad name [?]


Mental health crisis: "I'm too frightened to go out, I'm so scared"
by talkRADIO | Date added: 12-Nov-20
This video features the voice of a woman who has been staying in her home pretty much the whole time since the "pandemic" hit; it's heart-breaking to hear, and sadly all too common. I've sensed a similar belief system from relatives of my own, I get it from clients, and I see it in the eyes of strangers who look over their mask at me not wearing one. The Comments section of this video however tells more, here are some snippets:
"Why so scared? This is what happens when people are loosing the plot."
"Yep, she's just one of many, can you imagine how many more there are that are like this. She has been brainwashed."
"The news got these people frightened go outside!!!???!"
"Media fueled psychological abuse."
"She needs to turn off the TV"


Why Facts Don't Change Our Minds
by Pam Popper | Date added: 09-Nov-20
25:33 Referring to article by James Clear [link]
13:27 Separating people who normally cooperate with one another is a common tactic of bad people.
17:22 I have thought about the number of times I have just [stayed] quiet, which is not my nature; I speak out when it's appropriate to speak out...
18:53 When you have little in common with people; a dividing situation can bring that to light.
20:11 There are people [most?] who are persuadable through repedition.
51:55 We have a lot of people who are sill listening, repeatedly, to the bad message [while others have] tuned out.


Tory rebels lambasts Hancock for "micromanaging" people with lockdown
by Parliamentarian | Date added: 06-Nov-20
He speaks of "A failed strategy" but is it?
Why are other countries also attempting to "micromanage" their people?
It's either global nonsense or a global strategy, and perhaps one that is working well for the ones pulling the strings.


Would You Drive This Mountain Road
by bald and bankrupt | Date added: 05-Nov-20
I've watched a number of this guy's videos. They make for a change here from the depressing topic of current-day-events; he is always cheerful and excited by whatever adventure he finds himself on (which seems to be a daily occurrence), and he's always friendly and engaging with the people he meets. His encounters are a joy to watch and experience with him. Oh how I'd love to be able to speak his Russian! In this video he befriends a soviet sink, which makes me think of my Tamagotchis!


Relationships With Friends and Family
by Pamela Popper | Date added: 04-Nov-20
In this video Pamela mentions her (co-authored) book "Covid Operation" which I'm sure would be an insightful read, echoing a lot of what she talks about in her videos but (as I suppose) includes the references that her videos lack. There have been a number of such books released on the topic, the first I heard about was David Icke's ('The Answer' being his most recent release) but also Vernon Coleman (Coming Apocalypse) has released on.

Video notes:
 - Are you a " go along to get along person"?
 - Masks can spread more germs if not worn properly
 - The mask as talisman to keep people safe
 - Not wanting to convince others of your point of view
 - Disagreement without confrontation


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