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  ZX Spectrum...

One of the first computers I owned was a ZX Spectrum, in fact I ended up owning a few; that 48K model, a 128K +2 (black model), and a +3 (with disc drive). Eventually I parted company with them.

Recently though I acquired a grey 128K one that needed repairing. It was sold to me as having a faulty power socket and I'd hoped it would just need a simple re-soldering.

When it arrived I noticed it lacked the screws to hold it together; someone had clearly been inside to at least take a look.

Initial testing:

 - (likely) power socket fault
 - unable to tune TV

These computers typically connect to a TV via the aerial socket and they can be problematic to tune, especially on newer TVs. Fortunately, the 128Ks have an RBG socket so I purchased the necessary adapter. I could also see that the power light flickered regarding the lose power socket connection.

When the RBG adapter arrived I got to test things further and found the display to be garbled. I resoldered the power socket but that made no difference to either the display or power. Perhaps either the socket is damaged or the plug, or both... along with an issued causing the garbled display.

I have ordered:

 - replacement screws
 - a new socket
 - a new plug
(rubber feet are also needed)

I have tested the power regulator [as per this video] and that seems to good.

RMC on Youtube has another video I'll be referring to [link].

Noel of Noel's Retro Lab, also on Youtube, has also covered some Spectrum repairs along with other micro computers that I'm sure will prove useful. I referred to one of his videos here [link].


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