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  Maths... Introduction

This isn't a lesson in Maths as such, but rather a record of my pursuit. This is how it began...

[19 June 2020] When I was at the supermarket I spotted some scientific calculators on offer. I thought about buying them to resell but I wasn't sure how good the deal was without doing some research. Anyway, it was nostalgic for me because it reminded me of maths classes at high-school and having to do all the complicated stuff on a scientific calculator. I still have mine (right), I remember it was my friends' and I had swapped an electronic personal organiser for it (this being the 1990s).

In conjunction with this I had recently reread a book called 'Hyperspace', all about physics, quantum mechanics and the theory of relativity... stuff that goes way over my head to be honest, but I find it intriguing and it makes me want to "re"learn all of that 'COSign stuff... and learn all the buttons on that calculator. I still have my old college maths book (below right)... so... that is a project; to work my way through that book.

One month in and I didn't make much progress with my old maths book and I decided to take a different approach and instead (first) go at this from the point of learning the buttons on my calculator (a Casio fx-85VH Super-FX) which was what was intriguing me, not specifically learning the maths.

First up, my calculator needed a new battery. I opened it up to find a Renta 395. I looked online and found this was a 1.55V battery. I did have some Suncom 1.55V batteries of a similar size, and trying one, it worked. These look to me to be slightly thicker though. Looking online I found a comparison at which states that the SR57 is an alternative. Another listing, the Renata 390, has an Other alternative to the SR57, a AG7... which just happened to be what the Suncom battery I was trying was labelled as (also a LR927/LR57)! Here is my cross-referencing:

Now on with the maths/buttons... [click here to continue]

Or, the most recent delvings into this quest.

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