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[September 2022] I'd kind of wanted to collect rainwater for a while, but when I did the calculations, because of how little water I use, I couldn't justify buying a large enough tank/water-butt for my needs and plumbing it in (how long might such a tank, or its plastic fittings, last?) But then my neighbours had some large containers going spare. Here is one now connected up to the guttering on my house:

"H2O Containment System 01"

  • My property is on a water meter and up to this point I pay 5.50 per month for the water I use.

  • The kit for connecting the barrel to the guttering, and attaching a plastic tap, was 15.

  • I am curious to see if a saving on my water bill is noticed (I have previously calculated how much rain my roof can likely collect).

  • I intend to use the rain water to flush my toilet. For now at least this will involve periodically transferring a manageable amount of water into another receptacle and moving that into my bathroom to decant into the toilet cistern when I flush it, perhaps the smaller container to the left will be ok for this (I have used bath water before until the novelty wore off!) - the ideal solution would be to plumb something in properly.

  • Showering with rain water could be a challenge due to my property being single-storey.

  • The blue barrel is clean inside but I have my reservations about drinking the water directly from it since I have my concerns about the plastic leeching into the water... but then perhaps we all suffer this already from existing water pipes and the drinks and food packaging we use (paying for an adequate filter would have to be a justifiable expense).

  • As an additional receptacle I am considering that I could use the council-issued garden waste wheelie bin as this stands idle following the charge the council now levy for using it - I could just as easily add the same kit and tap to it, more than doubling my water containment capacity...

240-litres... how many toilet flushes is that?

Tips for saving water:

  • Flush the toilet only for number 2s.

  • Cold showers (admittedly these are a challenge once winter is underway).

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