I had owned my FujiFilm FinePix S8200 for a number of years, buying it used off ebay - it was my 'go-to camera of choice' until I broke it in an accident and replaced it with a Nikon.

"Turn the camera off,
remove lens cap or obstruction
and turn the camera on"

The majority of pictures I've taken on trips in recent years have been with this camera and can be found over on DeviantArt. While the camera lacks manual focus it does have 40X optical zoom and uses AA batteries (which I like). It can also record video at 1080 (although the audio quality is poor and there is no external mic socket). Below are some most recent photos from this camera.


28/08/22: There was an event on in a nearby seaside village so I paid it a visit.
I found myself sitting on a quiet bench overlooking the harbour to read my book.

Every now and then I would snap a shot, at full zoom (or there abouts), of the tourists doing their thing;
I quite like how they turned out, tweaking them a little in my editing suite of choice.


 06/08/22: Probably my best Moon photos. Resized by 50% and cropped.


 06/08/22: A buzzard some distance away. No cropping, just resized.


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