Top 10 Vegetables to Grow and Harvest in Winter
by Mossy Bottom | Date added: 07-Dec-20
I've not yet (successfully) grown any vegetables in my garden, but this video inspires me. I have whittled the list down a little and added my notes:

- savoy cabbage - best of all - harvest in winter
- purple sprouting broccoli, sprouts early spring, but available into winter
- swede/turnip - gowery - 50cm between, harvest low leaves
- beetroot (slug-proof, place it strategically, on end row)
- carrots, sow in april, harvest from July onwards
- kale, keep gaps between plants and leaves off the ground - flat-leaved Siberian variety for winters, or Uncle John's
- sprouts, harvest nov-feb, keep ventilated, variety: brilliant (avoid red varieties) - you can eat them raw
- spinach (perpetual), grow at end of row like beetroot. Plant in April
(choose hardy varieties)


December 21st The Great Conjunction [from an astrological perspective]...
by Alina Alive | Date added: 29-Dec-20
This video had some great general advice:

- Find your community, find your tribe
- You are the average of the company you keep
- cultivate the right type of friends (and family members)
- Foster more inspirational areas of you lives
- Introverted? perhaps you're just around people you don't align with energetically
- What is your community?
- What people inspire and motivate you?
- Conjunction on winter solstice; new age of Aquarius = a powerful time
- It's impractical to take on multiple new habits all at once
- Slowly add things in; see what works and what doesn't
(journal on these things)


...Queen: 2020 Christmas Message
by Channel4 | Date added: 28-Dec-20
"Trust in what is genuine - and what is not."
"[Is] what we see and hear is always as it seems.]?


The Magic Mushroom Christmas Theory
by After Skool | Date added: 23-Dec-20
Many of us have heard that Christmas has been adopted from a pagan holiday. Well, even The Magic Mushroom Christmas Theory was new to me. This revolves around the Amanita muscaria, a hallucinogenic mushroom, although the Wikipedia page on it, while mentioning Christianity, doesn't mention Christmas. Curiously the ancient Egyptians have a hieroglyph called Amenta which looks like a mushroom and is apparently the symbol for the underworld.


Niel Oliver on 'insulting' Covid Christmas rules: 'We are not a nation of babies'
by talkRADIO | Date added: 16-Dec-20
4:55... [his statements/claims]
- there aren't excess deaths during this year compared to previous years
- there is no medical crisis at the moment
- the medical situation is under control, and always has been
- but the political and economic crisis is manmade
12:00... cedar-wood ruler recovered from Great Pyramid and found in storage in Aberdeenshire
16:49... the world is hyper-focused on "covid"


The Antikythera mechanism Episode 10 - Evidence Of A Lunar Calendar
by Clickspring | Date added: 12-Dec-20
This has been a fascinating series so far.

The Antikythera mechanism is an ancient Greek hand-powered ... device used to predict astronomical positions and eclipses for calendar and astrological purposes...

[The] artefact was retrieved from the sea in 1901, ... The instrument is believed to have been designed and constructed by Greek scientists and has been variously dated to [as early as] 205 BC... - Wikipedia

I thought it odd that it wouldn't have been assumed that the Antikythera mechanism would include, or even be based on a lunar calendar since they seem to me to have been the calendar or choice in the past.


The Biggest Danger on Bike Lanes
by One Cyclist in Lisbon | Date added: 02-Dec-20
I have followed this channel for a while, enjoying watching the cycling experiences; it encouraged me to start recording my own trips. In this video "OCiL" illustrates the problems he experiences with pedestrians walking in the bike lanes.

I can certainly see the problem there. There needs to be a shift in the mentality of pedestrians, perhaps an advertising campaign to change the ways - they should not automatically walk on the bike lane.

I once collided with a pedestrian who stepped out in front of me; it was a painful experience for both of us. How come the pedestrians there, walking in bike lanes, don't fear being hit by a bike? Do they not acknowledge the speed some pass them at!? I would not feel safe walking there. Equally, sometimes I feel safer cycling on a road rather than a cycle path (thankfully this is legal here in the UK, even if some motorists object), particularly where there is a shared cycle path. There is always the risk of a pedestrian deciding to suddenly change direction without thinking "bike". A bell certainly can help, but often there is no time to react, or I can be ringing it and it goes unheard. By contrast, a horn generally sounds excessive.


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