"What's this all about?"

For Christmas of 2020 I received a 'Fitbit', a fitness tracker, and I created a section here at my website sharing some of my experiences. That wasn't the start of any "fitness journey", far from it, just a part of it. Throughout my life I've enjoyed maintaining (and trying to improve) my health and fitness.

My efforts to maintain the Fitbit section were short-lived, yet I still use the device most days, so when it came time to do something with that neglected section I had the idea of creating this new section to encompass not only "fitness", but other things too, under the heading 'Wellbeing', because that seems to be what maintaining my fitness it about... maintaining my wellbeing.

I'm sure my experiences could be helpful and encouraging to others, although I suspect it might be a challenge for me to not sound like I'm preaching (I'm no fitness expert, this is just stuff I've figured out on my journey - what works for me might not work for you), I also find that looking over my own achievements is a reminder to myself of where I've been, and that with some persistent effort, I (and you), can always achieve more.

So far: 'Stoptober' | Camping | Morning Routines | Breaking-it-down | Running


Feel welcome to send me any suggestions, insights and experiences.


Things I intend to cover...

  • Writing, Talking, Music, and Art

  • Running, Cycling, and Walking - the outdoors

  • Sleep and Dreams

  • Addictions, Habits, and Routines

  • Food, Supplements, and Allergens

  • Reading, Yoga, and Meditation

Addictions, Habits, and Routines...


[01 October 2021] As I write this October 2021 has just begun. When this month comes around the event known as 'Stoptober' comes to mind. This is a month-long event that is used by those with a smoking habit they want to quit. I think the month can be used for all manner of addictions and bad habits. For me my habit to curb is my 'internet addiction'; I always want to better manage my time online and use that time constructively (this is one reason why I have a website, so that I am using my time online in a creative and constructive manner).

As things have changed, 'being online' is a state that many people are pretty much always in, there is no 'going offline'; this is generally because of smartphones, which again, many people never switch off. I don't have a smartophone and my mobile phone is only on during working hours, but I do sit at my computer far too much. I'm going to use October to curb this.

My first tip is to replace your habit/addiction with something healthy. This might involve changing your routines; see below for my short topic on Morning Routines.

So far:

Day 1, AM, 1hr online; checked emails, watched a short Youtube video, and worked on this website.



Last year (2020) I decided to spend most of the nights of the summer months sleeping in my little tent in the back garden. This year (2021) has been much the same. It's not quite the 'big outdoors' (although it's relatively quiet where I live).

I have a nice little routine where I pitch the tent before sunset and then settle in to read for a while (a Kindle Fire is great for this as you can dim the back light down to be comfortable on the eyes; no torch required). My cat often joins me, and this year I have been blessed with the sound of a family of hedgehogs snuffling round my tent. I think time spent outside is vitally important.


Morning Routines... (1, 2, 3...)

If you're struggling with 'motivation' then developing a morning routine is a great starting point.

"Start as you mean to go on."

Step 1 is to ideally wake up at a time reasonable for you. Generally this actually means going to bed at a reasonable time! (more on this later)

Step 2, for me, is to write down what dreams I remember (more on this later!)

Step 3, for me, is to make a cup of tea (not coffee) and read for a short while. For the past few years I've been working on my challenge to read 'Arthur Mee's Children's Encyclopedia', a 10-volume set of books I've had in my possession since childhood. I typically read a section each morning.



Reading a 10-volume set of encyclopedias seems like quite a chore (although it's actually quite interesting!), but when you break such a task down into something manageable (like "62 pages each month") then it becomes doable and is a process that can be applied to other things you want to achieve (such as building and maintaining a website!)

I have tried to develop my morning routine further by incorporating more and more steps that flow together; the key here is to start off simple with a few activities that I can routinely stick to, and then build on that. This might be especially important for you if, like me, you struggle to set an entire route for your day that you can easily stick to.



Running is something I've been trying to build into my morning routine, but success has been somewhat hit-and-miss.

I've set myself the challenge of running a set number of miles in a month, but that resulted in me trying to 'make up for' missed days. I've tried to spread out those miles each day, only to miss some days and then my efforts slip. And I've tried to use my Fitbit to spur me on too.


More coming soon...

 - Reading / Books
 - Pets and Animals
 - Going to bed 'on time'
 - Dreams
 - Creativity



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