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Tamagotchi Friends Trial
[19 Aug '20]


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The menu to the left forms a time-line and is listed in chronological order. However, the content in this section is in reverse order so that the latest news about my current pet(s) is listed first. Each update is separated by a squiggle and the option to return to the Top of this page.

I said goodbye to my last Tamagotchi in February 2021 and thought that was that, "enough with these things!" (They're pretty addictive/easy to get attached to!) But then (in August 2022) I received another... an unofficial "Doggie".

Gotchi-4 and Friends
26 Nov '20 - Jan '21

Tama-Neko, Gotchi-Wan-Wan, and Friends
15 Oct - 24 Nov '20

Gotchi-Wan & Tama-Dre
28 Sep - 12 Oct '20

[19 August 2020] I had been interested in getting hold of a Tamagotchi. They were all the rage when I was at high school. My friend had the authentic one, but I had to scrimp and save my pocket money to get one of the cheaper alternatives. I can't remember what happened to it; all I can remember was that it was white.

Anyway, I had mentioned Tamagotchis to my mum and she found me a Tamagotchi Friends. I wasn't familiar with these but looked online to learn these ones have the ability to communicate with other Tamagotchi Friends. I decided this was too complex and I wanted to begin with an original Tamagotchi so I sold this one on ebay.

Then a week later my 'Chibi' arrived... [Continue]