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Tama-Neko-III, remembering the farewells, Tama-Neko-II, and Tama-6
[08 Jan - 08 Feb '21]

[17-19 Jan '21] Tama-Neko-III

[08 Jan '21] Remembering the farewells and Tama-Neko-II

[01-08 Feb '21] Tama-6 and poo!


-  T A M A - N E K O - I I   &   I I ,   T A M A - 6 ,   F A R E W E L L S ,   A N D   M O R E  -


[01-08 February 2021] Meet the unimaginatively named Tama-6:

Then a week later, a slight mishap... (lots of poo and a fully grown Tama-6 has gone to bed!):



[17-19 January 2021] Meet Tama-Neko-III, who grew a few days after the first picture... from looking like a cat, to looking like a little man head thing!



[08 January 2021] In December I said farewell to my Tamagotchi and Tamagotchi Friends pets, and more recently Kira who got into her 30s... I still miss her!

This left me with my Chibi, Tama-Neko-II, but sadly he died today; I think he was 17.