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Tamagotchi Friends, Kira, Gotchi-4, Tama-Neko-II, Christmas, Birthday, and Farewells
[26 Nov '20 - 04 Jan '21]

[26 Nov '20] Tamagotchi Friends grows

[01 Dec '20] Kira, Gotchi-4 and their Friend

[04 Dec '20] Getting ready for Christmas, and Gotchi-4 dies

[15 Dec '20] Birthday and bye-bye

[19 Dec '20] Farewell Tamagotchi

[25 Dec '20] Stroppy Kira and Tama-Neko-II

[04 Jan '21] Batteries... fail/success! Bye bye Kira...!


 -  K I R A ,   G O T C H I - 4 ,   T A M A - N E K O - I I ,   A N D   M O R E  -


[26 November 2020] My single-remaining Tamagotchi Friends grew this morning and is now the familiar Coffretchi girl.



[01 December 2020] A couple of days ago I put some fresh new batteries in my white Tamagotchi Friends today and reset the normal Tamagotchi... "Gotchi-4"? Then today Gotchi-4 and the new Friends girl grew; this girl (in the middle) is cute! She is a Kiramotchi, so, say hi to Kira!



[04 December 2020] The fun news is that the Friends have decorated their rooms this week in preparation for Christmas!

The sad news is that Gotchi-4 died today, at only 3 days! It had grown, as you can see below, but then a couple of times it got sick and required three injections each time to make it well. No tamagotchi has needed three before, sometimes two, or only one, I think if you provide it straight away.



[15 December 2020] With my birthday approaching I put new batteries in the blue Tamagotchi Friend and awaited to see what would happen on the day.

Two of them celebrated with me as I thought they would (when you set them up it asks for your birthday); I think I had put the wrong date in the other one. They played tunes at various times during the day, and their rooms were decorated with Birthday banners. Later on I made them go to their shop and buy cake (there was actually a birthday one available)! That was a fun day!

Sadly the next day I had to say farewell to the blue one; I had found him a new owner so I said my farewell. One last look at the Christmas tree together... (they do this instead of going to the park!)

Then more sadness... I was just starting a game with the pink one and her batteries failed! She was three weeks old (21).



[19 December 2020] I said farewell to my Tamagotchi today; it is off to be someone's Christmas present.

I had a few months of fun with this gadget and the various pets it provided me with.

First there was Gotchi-Wan who I took up Snowdon with me and Tama-Dre:

I will never forget his wiggle (when he grew)!

Then there was Gotchi-Wan-Wan who grew to look the same as Tama-Neko:

Then Gotchi-3 (here with Tama-5):

And finally Gotchi-4, my most short-lived pet:

Now I focus my attention on "My Two Girls"; the familiar girl with her big sister (and secretly my favourite of the Friends) Kira! I still have my Chibi, but I've not yet started another pet...



[25 December 2020] Kira fell out with me a few days ago! I fed them both and played games with them to get their health charts full, then I went out. When I got back I fed them each once, but then got distracted with other things... when I found them Kira was in a strop! She had packed her bags!

I really thought she was going to leave. I had not seen this happen before so I tried pressing the buttons but it just beeped and nothing else happened. I kept trying and eventually she went back to normal, she put her bags away and all was well! Phew!

Then today it happened again; her bags were packed. But I hadn't neglected her that much! I kept pressing the buttons again and this quickly resolved it. I looked at her health charts and while they were low they weren't at 0 hearts... so I don't know why she was threatening to leave again! Maybe she is lonely for a mate, but if I send her on a date she will leave... I'm being a selfish dad!

Other bad news is that she will be more lonely now because I found a new owner for her friend...

However, I started a new pet on my Chibi... meet Tama-Neko-II...



[04 January 2020] Kira celebrated New Years Day, on New Years Day, and continued to do this for a few days, her room having a banner like she did for Christmas and Halloween before it.

Then today, when she was 35 days/years old and I had just begun a game with her at my sister's house... she did the whole "battery flat" thing. "Oh no..." I thought... that was it [I believed], Kira was no more.

When I got home I had decided to try and quickly change the batteries, but this presented the familiar two options: Backup or Restart. I had always assumed that the Backup option would only work if I had figured out how to somehow backup a pet whilst it was working, through the "PC" option, but since I had never done this, it wouldn't have anything to "recover". Rather than choosing "Reset" as I had always done before, deciding a pet was lost once the batteries had failed, I chose this time "Backup"... and there was Kira, back on the screen!

It appears the device is able to keep a backup of the pet, safe on a chip, or hold enough power in a capacitor during the changing of batteries after all.

I was shocked; I really thought she had gone!

All those pets I had simply Reset because I thought that was the only option when batteries are replaced! I laugh now! [One other thing I needed to do was reset the time].

In other news, Kira still packs her bags occasionally, even this morning she did it. I have determined it happens no matter if she is not hungry or if she is not even unhappy (I usually keep her well cared for), but it happens when she chimes for attention. She does this periodically and I press the C button and she either bounces off the walls with happiness and bangs her head (seriously!) or makes hearts on the screen; things that demonstrate affection. But if I miss her chimes, like today I went out for 20 minutes and missed them, then she will pack her bags and sulk for a while. I then have to keep pressing buttons until she snaps out of it and goes back to normal. I suppose the longer she has gone "neglected" the more presses it will take to achieve this, but if too long has passed, she would leave. I fear this will happen at some point.

I had also not taken her to the park for a while, normally I choose the game option as that earns her happiness and money to spend at the shop. Without another Friend pet to connect with and go to the park with, a random other character would be there to go on the see-saw with. But recently, thinking "she hasn't been to the park in a while" I sent her, but when she arrived, no other child appeared, and she was sad! I thought it was either because she had lost her friends because she hadn't been there for so long, or because of her age. I tried the next day and another child did appear, but it has happened again since that she can find herself at an empty park. Quite strange and sad.

Then, the day after I had successfully replaced the batteries in Kira, I found her a new home, so I said goodbye and put her to sleep (buttons A + B) and carefully packaged her up and sent her on her way. I was very reluctant to part with this Tamagotchi and I was one click away from cancelling the order! Now I just have Tama-Neko-2.