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Tama-5, Gotchi-3 and Friends
[09 - 24 Nov '20]

[09 Nov '20] Tama-5 and Gotchi-3 are born

[10 Nov '20] Tama-5 grows, time-out, and more batteries fail

[14 Nov '20] Gotchi-3 grows

[17 Nov '20] Gotchi-3 dies, the Friends get married, Tama-5 grows

[20 Nov '20] Turtletchi and Mametchi

[24 Nov '20] Tama-5 dies, Friends date and more batteries fail


 -  M O S T   R E C E N T   A C T I V I T I E S  -


[09 November 2020] Meet (soon to be hatched) Tama-5 and Gotchi-3. The names perhaps seem un-imaginative, but think of Johnny-5 and how "Gotchi-Three" rolls off the tongue!

Now for bath-time with the Tamagotchi Friends!



[10 November 2020] Tama-5 grows... and looks like he is a distant relation of Tama2!:

One of the Friends had some time out (buttons got pressed accidentally) until I figured out I needed to press buttons A and B to un-pause her!

And one of the boys had battery troubles :-(

I've now ordered some proper AAA batteries so I can stop using my rechargeable ones.



[14 November 2020] Gotchi-3 grew this morning:

Apparently it's called "duck-lips" and is all the craze...

The girl "Friends" grew this week also, and today she kissed the boy at the park... and made him blush... there will be wedding bells soon, I'm sure of it.



[17 November 2020] Gotchi-3 died today, at only 8 days old, my shortest-living Tamagotchi so far.

I recently discovered in the Tamagotchi Friends game "outdoor" menu I have at some point unlocked a dating app! Or rather, there was the option to send them each on a date. I tried it out, and off they went to a club (the club o' "love") where they were approached by three prospects in turn. It then seemed I could choose which date they could... marry. Since I had a boy and a girl I actually didn't want them to marry someone else so I left the club... which seemed to upset all involved!

Today I had my two Tamagotchi Friends hang out together as I had been doing, and finally (this process takes longer than the dating app it seems!) they did indeed get married. I have to be careful when this happens because they promptly provide me with their offspring to look after, which need a lot of attention at first, like all newborn Tamagotchis. Now I have two boys again. I will now have to decide if I put fresh batteries in the third one and see if I get a girl for one of them to date when they're older... or instead rely on the dating app (which seems to appear in the options only when they're old enough... and quite rightly so!)

A little later on, as if I didn't already have a lot going on, Tama-5 grew, into a familiar Oyajitchi!



[20 November 2020] A couple of days ago one of my Tamagotchi Friends grew into a 'Turtletchi'! Sorry for the poo, but that is so cute, (the Turtletchi, not the poo!):

Then today they both of the Friends grew, however the Tutletchi grew into the familiar boy (a Righttchi), but the other grew into a Mametchi which I haven't seen before! There seems to be little that is logical by way of a 'growth chart' with these Tamagotchi Friends as they can turn into anything; as long as boys remain boys and girls remain girls.



[24 November 2020] Tama-5 died yesterday at the usual 14 days old.

Then later I decided to let one of the Tamagotchi Friends go on a date... and then this happened:

I had chosen to try this with this Tamagotchi Friend because of how adorable the other one looked and I didn't want to lose it yet... but then this happened:

Yes, the batteries went and I lost the Friend. When I'm ready to start it up again I have a fresh pack of batteries to use instead of old ones or rechargeables; they have let me down too many times now!

It wasn't all bad news though, the pink girl born yesterday grew into a 'Nokobotchi'.