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More Friends and
and Tama-Neko
[15 Oct '20 - 08 Nov '20]

[15 Oct '20] Tama-Shiroi arrives

[16 Oct '20] Tama-Ao is born

[18 Oct '20] Gotchi-Wan-Wan and Tama-Neko are born

[23 Oct '20 Gotchi-Wan-Wan grows

[27 Oct '20] Tama Neko and Gotchi-Wan-Wan grow

[30 Oct '20] Halloween and batteries

[02 Nov '20] Tama-Neko dies and new Friends are born

[03 Nov '20] Gotchi-Wan-Wan dies

[08 Nov '20] More battery-woes


-  M O R E   F R I E N D S   A N D   G O T C H I - W A N - W A N   &   T A M A - N E K O  -


[15 October 2020] "Dean" arrived today, already one day old; alive but quite unwell.

But she survived. She is of the "Friends" variety. After getting to grips with the more advanced menu and options I learned she had previously been named Dean, perhaps short for Deanette or Deanna! Her statistics informed me she was a girl. I will refer to her here as Tama-Shiroi.

I had ordered two 'Tamagotchi Friends' but I wasn't intending to start them, at least not straight away, but since this one had arrived alive (although only just) I felt I needed to look after her!



[16 October 2020] After a day I had got used to the functions and decided she needed a companion; this is the key feature of these larger 'Friends' variety. So I activated the other. Meet Tama-Ao [I later dropped the naming of the Friends because I couldn't mentally keep track when they changed and gave birth to new ones!]:



[18 October 2020] As you may recall, as Gotchi-Wan died "he" laid an egg! I therefore "had to" hatch that one too. So far it looks like the previous one. Meet Gotchi-Wan-Wan (or Wan-Wan for short!):

In addition to this I was curious what pet I would get next with the Chibi. Surprisingly is was the Mametchi, which I had already called Tama-Neko... and it does indeed look like a cat!:

Each of the four Chibi pets have now been different. This makes me think the variety isn't selected at random, or even governed by how you treat it when young!

I therefore now have four pets to look after. I call them the "kids" (especially when they go to sleep at night!), particularly Shiroi and Ao; they can actually play together at the park, do friend "bumps", and exchange gifts and food. This is particularly heart-warming; one morning only one of them had cereal for breakfast (they only have bread if nothing else) so I instructed some cereal to be given to the other. The animations are very sweet!

There are some things I don't like about the Tamagotchi Friends devices though. They are bulky, although I have got used to this; they don't feel as portable since they're not discreet if you have them in your pocket or take one out to quietly tend to it in public. I therefore leave these at home and they do ok while I am away as long as they are well fed and happy. I also found their screens to be difficult to view, I noticed this from the start. They are higher resolution than the originals/earlier models and have background scenes displayed when active (this disappears when in a sort of sleep mode). This makes it more difficult for me to photograph them to display here. They also don't look like aliens as per the original idea! Mine have grown to be more like cartoon children. Still, I'm finding them fun and the games are more engaging with others to "unlock".



[23 October 2020] Gotchi-Wan-Wan grew... looking now just like Gotchi-Wan!



[27 October 2020] Yesterday Tama Neko grew, but not into anything on the growth chart!

And then today, Gotchi-Wan-Wan grew too...

Don't you think they look similar!? It makes me think back to Gotchi-Wan and Tama-Dre and how they grew to something I thought was similar. It must be since they each get similar attention.

In other news... the two kids, after playing together numerous times grew up and got married! I was expecting them to have a trip to the park but they appeared at a church, then the scene faded to black and they were presented with a child each. Throughout the day they had the child with them, but later, they went away leaving the child. I was quite sad about this, that I missed it happen and there was no goodbye. Oh well, I then had two new children to raise.

I thought they were boys at first, but when they grew it said they were girls. They have grown to look like their mother; maybe there is little variation with the 'pets' with the Tamagotchi Friends. I have activated a third to give them a boy to hang out with (and luckily it was a boy when the egg hatched). This is all getting to be quite a handful!



[30 October 2020] The Tamagotchi Friends celebrate Halloween!

Yes, they had decorated their rooms! I love how the makers of these 'pets' used their creative imagination here and I'm now thinking I need to ensure I keep these going until Christmas to see what happens then!

Well, that's the good news, but I have some sad; I lost one of the girls... her battery had run down.

I thought perhaps I could quickly change the batteries (2 x AAA), or change one at a time, to maintain the memory, but no, she was gone :-(

There is perhaps a way of creating a backup of a Friends pet on PC, since there is an option that implies the recovery of one when you power up the device for the first time, and there is also a 'PC' option in the options, but I haven't researched this any further.



[02 November 2020] Tama-Neko died yesterday, as expected; he was 14 days old - that is how long they have all been lasting... until today! For some reason Gotchi-Wan-Wan lives on!

I still can hardly believe that Tama-Neko grew the same as Wan-Wan and not as something on the widely-published growth chart for the Chibi pets. Here is my updated chart:

Also, the Tamagotchi Friends boy and girl did the dastardly-deed and presented me with twins to look after; a pair of boys. I guess I will have to start up the one whose batteries failed last week.



[03 Nov '20] Gotchi-Wan-Wan died today at 16 days old; my longest-living pet so far. I had come to accept they would automatically die at 14 days no matter how well I looked after them.

I have started my 3rd Tamagotchi Friends again (after replacing the batteries), but I gave up resetting it to try and get a girl companion for the two boys, as it seemed determined to be another boy... I don't know how this is going to pan out.



[08 November 2020] More battery-woes...