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[13 Sep '20 - 27 Sep '20]

[13 Sep '20] TamaTuTu is born!

[14 Sep '20] TamaTuTu grows

[21 Sep '20] TamaTuTu climbs Snowdon, and grows again

[27 Sep '20] RIP TamaTuTu


 -  T A M A T U T U  -


[13 September 2020] I said my final farewell to Tama2 and pressed the A&C buttons to bring a new egg on screen. This was instant. I was then expecting a 5-minute wait for it to hatch as I'm sure that is how long it took last time, but it seemed to occur after only a minute. Here is TamaTuTu.

Why "TamaTuTu"? Well, "Tama3" didn't sound quite right, so I decided it this would be Tama2-2, which phonetically is TamaTuTu, and since a tutu is typically what girls wear, this tamagotchi would be a girl!



[14 September 2020] I had decided that the one thing I would and could do differently to perhaps bring about a different creature would be to feed it differently to my first one. There are two food options with the Chibi and I had been feeding Tama2 the first food on the list primarily from the start. Would choosing the second food option have an effect on the shape it grows into? Perhaps it's random or some other variable governs this. Either way one thing has occurred; this tamagotchi has been ill early on, whereas Tama2 wasn't ill until into his second week and already grown into his adult shape.

TamaTuTu got ill quickly with poo being on the screen for only a short time, and has been ill again since. Today she grew though and is indeed a different shape.

Tama2 was a Kuchipatchi at his middle stage according to the growth chart. But TamaTuTu is a Nyorotchi.

Sadly this means, if the growth chart is accurate, that TamaTuTu will also grow into an Oyajitchi as Tama2 did. Only time will confirm this (unless of course something drastic happens and TamaTuTu doesn't survive that long!)



[21 September 2020] TamaTuTu grew today, after 8 days, the same as Tama2 did, and as expected from the Growth Chart she is another Oyajitchi like Tama2 was...

She has continued to be very sickly, unlike Tama2 who only became sick occasionally after he turned one week old. I wonder if she'll now live to two weeks also.

I climbed Snowdon with her also recently (before she grew)!



[27 September 2020] "As expected" TamaTuTu died today at 14 days old, just like Tama2. She did the whole terminal illness thing and then a while later that was it.

It now seems fairly conclusive that these (at least the Chibi/Mini ones) will live to only 14 days. It was strange that TamaTuTu was so often ill, but other than ensuring I treated that, it made no difference to her longevity. Another common thing of note is that once they are at their adult stage (for the second week) they go to bed at 10pm and wake at 9am. When they're young they go to sleep at 8pm.