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Tama2 / The Chibi Arrives
[26 Aug '20 - 09 Sep '20]

[26 Aug '20] Tamagotchi Chibi arrives; Tama2 is born.

[03 Sep '20] Tama2 grows

[04 Sep '20] Tama2 climbs Snowdon... and gets ill

[06 Sep '20] Poo + Sleep

[07 Sep '20] Poo + Illness

[09 Sep '20] RIP Tama2


 -  T A M A 2   /   T H E   C H I B I   A R R I V E S  -


[26 August 2020] After much ebay-watching I finally got hold of another Tamagotchi for a reasonable price, but when it arrived it turned out to be a Tamagotchi Chibi (mini) and not the original 1997 version as described.

The previous owner/seller had hatched a new pet prior to posting, I suppose to show it working. Sadly it didn't survive the journey. RIP...

I promptly hatched a new pet and named it Tama [Chibi] Too/Two/Tu/2 "Tama2"...

It hatched within 5 minutes and a day later it grew to the shape you see on the right.

I got a bit hooked on watching ebay listings for other pets and won the auction of another Tamagotchi that should be an original one and not a mini/Chibi. I'll care for Tama2 for as long as he lives and then move onto the next later I think.

I also ordered another Tamagotchi Friends! Mainly because it was a good price and can resell it and get my money back; maybe I'll find that another Friend and set the two off together!



[03 September 2020] Tama2 did his usual beep [for food] today so I gave him a snack, then a moment later he went frantic... and grew... followed shortly later by a poo!

I found this Chibi growth chart online and can see that my pet was Kuchipatchi, and now is Oyajitchi (which according to GoogleTranslate means father... I guess my tama is an old man now!)

I'm wondering how I'll feel when he dies; will I reset him and try again? Likely. I would be curious to see what form I get the second time - I mostly chose the first of the two food options when he was young so perhaps switching to the second would change the outcome - I would like to see the next one become something different, with Mametchi being most exciting since according the the growth chart it then has a chance of becoming either Lucky Unchi-kun or Ginjirotchi. Maybe I would give up if I felt I was getting the same pet again; I have my other Tamagotchi to try after this one.



[04 September 2020] I had another walk up Snowdown again today, this time with my sister, and Tama2. He got ill for the first time on the way down. I checked on him and noticed what looked like a scull or something indicating illness in the corner so I pressed button A which usually brings up the two feeding options (or cleans up his poo if he's done that; again it's a Chibi so is limited) but he just shook his head like when he says no to food. I pressed the button again a moment later and he 'cheered' like when I clean up his poo; he was better. A short while later he fed as normal and all was well. Maybe I had neglected him a little on the walk or he's more prone to illness in his old age.



[06 September 2020] I thought this might happen at some point... Tama2 has been going to sleep at 10pm and last night as it was approaching this time he beeped so I fed him. The concern then was, would he poo and then sleep! The issue with this being that to clean the poo you press button A, and to turn off the light is also A. So yes, he went to sleep and had poo'd and there was no way to clean, only to turn off the light and hope for the best.

In the morning he was still sleeping with the poo there next to his bed (I turned the light on to see). But at 9am he woke up and I was able to clean it away, and luckily he wasn't made ill with the poo being there all night. Phew!

Later on on this day Tama2 accidentally got told off twice! First my sister's cat jumped onto my lap with Tama2 in my pocket and the C button got pressed. Then a while later I was working on my niece's bike and again, the button got pressed in my pocket! Sorry Tama2!



[07 September 2020] Tama2 poo'd again close to bed time but I was on my toes this time and cleared it away before he went to sleep. Then today he got sick again, twice, which again required me to press the A button twice; it's like you offer him medication but he doesn't accept it at first, but when he does he feels better and happy again.



[09 September 2020] Tama2 got a terminal illness today as he turned 2 weeks old :-( He beeped lots and there was that scull in the corner of the screen. His face looked screwed up and none of the buttons would do anything; I tried every now and then to no avail.

This persisted for at least an hour until the beeping returned, the screen turned black and, well, that was it. Tama2 was no more. Farewell Tama2!

It's remarkable how attached one can get to a simple digital pet after a such a short time, one that's based on the small back-story that it's an alien from another world. I'm now deciding if I'm to reset this Chibi or start with my original Taamgotchi that I've had waiting in the wings; I kind of want to try this one again but change which food I chose as its main meal to see if that affect the growth and outcome.