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Welcome back to my Tamagotchis!

Dogo-01 - 4.5

Eve & Jim


 -  M O S T   R E C E N T   A C T I V I T I E S  -


[November 2022] After Dogo-4.5 went off to pastures new at 29, I set that aside. Then, some weeks later, I was handed yet another cyber pet, another red one, but different. The screen was blank but as soon as I pressed a button the display came alive and I was presented with poo to clean up and a live pet to make well, feed and play with. Meet EVE, I didn't know how old she was already:

This is another unbranded-pet, not an official Tamagotchi, and other than the unhelpful A, B, C, D labelling of the four buttons there are no other markings. I found my way through the menu system to discover the name EVE. A particular feature of this device is that everything on the screen is presented in double-pixels.

A & B scroll through options
D selects that option
D, when on the main screen, displays the time.
C returned to the previous screen
In games A and D choose left or right.

There are a couple of games; being a cat to catch a ball, and a rocket ship avoiding the oncoming ships.

There is a menu option, displayed as an open book icon, where

When you clean up poo a happy chicken is displayed...

A couple of days later I was suddenly presented with a variety of animals to choose from. Seemingly EVE had passed on. I somewhat randomly selected a sheep and then on the next screen the name JIM was already present. The next screen allowed me to set the time (although I'd never found the clock before). One thing I have now realised is that the pets arrive fully grown and likely don't grow, plus they just move across the screen, there is no different animation to them, just like how it's not your pet that you see being fed, playing the games, or cheering when you make them happy... a budget pet with a budget design team. Maybe I'll play this thing for a while now...



[September 2022] After Dogo-03 froze to death (literally, the thing froze) I reset the thing but since the clock was wrong I took the batteries out and put them back in thinking the option to set the time would present itself, but no, that was unnecessary and I think holding down Enter whilst on the clock was the way forward. So technically, Dogo-04 was never born, and therefore Dogo-4.5 was next!

I'd clearly figured out how best to look after these pets by now, after Dogo-03 got to 16. Dogo-4.5 surpassed that (without crashing) and he became a good companion with me taking him on a couple of trips like I had done with my previous Tamagotchis.

Dogo's Day 24 involved a walk up Snowdon, but the weather was too bad at the top,
and my fingers too cold to handle and photograph Dogo-4.5 there, but he thankfully survived the trip!

At 29 days though the sad thing happened...

I was visiting family and we had even talked about how well Dogo was doing and joked that he might last to 100 at this rate if the screen could fit those digits... but shortly thereafter he beeped and I took him from my pocket to find the curtains had gone down. Surely I hadn't neglected him?

No, I had kept him well fed and played with.* I could press the Enter button to reveal the happy Dogo, but then the curtains would just go back down again... he had evidently passed away as a happy Dogo, which is kind of sad, but satisfying at the same time. Perhaps 29 days is the limit for these?

*After a certain age the chasing after the ball game becomes too challenging - you have to press left or right accordingly to catch the ball in that direction, but once old the dog can't quite keep up with it, but thankfully it is still kept happy from trying. The guessing left or right game is the alternative, but it takes longer to play so I tended to avoid that, although again, even if you don't win the dog is still kept happy, but perhaps only half as much as winning it (so you have to play twice as many rounds).



[August 2022] It had been over 18 month since I parted with my last Tamagotchi, but then an unofficial "Tamagotchi", a virtual pet/cyber pet, found its way into my possession.

This one is labelled as a "My Doggie" and is branded "CEDAR" according to the sticker on the back.

Clearly a cheap knockoff, the battery compartment had no labelling to indicate the orientation of the batteries, but luckily I paid attention to the worn out ones that were in it (luckily no battery leakage). With a pair of new LR44s the thing beeped into life with that red LED flashing too with each beep.

Sadly Dogo-01 only lasted for 3 days before saying "bye bye":

I tried again, and did worse (with Dogo-02) at 2 days.

Dogo-03 fared much better. This is him at age 4 and then 8:

I discovered that once on the 'scales' screen I could go left or right to view three different health screens in turn, but with the foreign script I have been slowly figuring out which each refers to.

How obedient* Feeding** Playing***

*There is an option to tell the dog off. I'm not sure when it's appropriate to do this because the dog 'beeps' and then poos from time-to-time. It also leaves paw prints across the screen sometimes; at first I didn't realise these were paw prints but either way I decided this was what I would tell the dog off for. If you don't tell the dog off for anything it loses obedience and then it gets what appears to be a face on either/or both sides of the screen - ignore those for two long and the dog will leave. So it seems I have to occasionally tell the dog off for nothing!

**At first there are two meal options: a plate of food and a drink. When the dog grows the drink is replaced with a bone. I guess dehydration isn't an issue.

***There are two games; the annoying left or right one, or a chase after the ball one where you have to mash the L or R buttons accordingly to get to the ball in time.

Dogo-03 celebrated his 15th birthday (each day a cake appears).

But just before turning 16, he woke up and I had to rush to feed him, play a game with and clean, because he'd gone to sleep the day before before I'd had chance... and then he sort of... died. But not died died... the system crashed/froze! Here is Dogo-03 stuck on the screen:

Bye-bye Dogo-03