Welcome to the Shrine section of BMH Online.

Originally this was for technology, but there are other things in life I like to remember, although I feel somewhat awkward about idolising things or rampant materialism. The most recent page added is 'Pets' but I have ideas for others.

I'm sometimes reminded of bits of tech, gadgets or electronic toys I once owned. My first (and only*) Windows PC I bought had Windows 98 on it. Shortly after Windows 98SE was released, followed by ME. Millennium Edition was never very popular among the masses but there was something about the aesthetic and subtly-different colour scheme that appealed to me (I had a similar fondness for Vista!). I therefore chose this as my basis for this section.

You can browse the sections above.

*All computers since I have built myself and I will eventually list some particular parts and components that I particularly liked.

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