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  Acer Aspire Z3770 All-In-One...

[28 September 2020] I acquired one of these "All-in-One" computers, but it is faulty; it won't POST.

It powers on but the CPU fan cranks up to maximum. The screen can be used as a screen, and it's a good size, but the CPU fan persists unless the system is opened up and the CPU removed and fan disconnected.

I've ordered a replacement CPU in case that is the fault. Alternatively it may need the BIOS chip replacing to rectify the issue. This is soldered in place so not a simple fix (it that indeed fixes it).

These systems seem to have a good following in Russia where some with the skills and knowledge have done a better job of diagnosing their technical issues like these, but I barely understand their processes (even with GoogleTranslate)!

My options:

  • Replace the CPU: tried, no change
  • Replace the BIOS Chip: See below
  • Use the system as a screen: I have tried this but the CPU fan needs to be disconnected due to the fault causing it to spin at 100% all the time
  • Sell the system on ebay as faulty

- - - - -

[23 October 2020] I received a replacement BIOS chip from the Netherlands and proceeded to unsolder the original and replace it.

The process went well. I had to first remove a heatsink off a nearby chip (pressing down on the hooks and gently rotating the heatsink).

I then worked carefully with magnification and took my time to remove the original BIOS chip using liquid flux; this was the trickiest part of the procedure since it takes some heat but you don't want to use too much. I have learned from experience that this can either damage nearby components, the solder pads which are held in place with adhesive, or the board.

Once removed I prepared the pads, applying a gentle dose of fresh solder.

I then sat the replacement chip in place and then a little more heat to each of the feet softened the solder and fixed it in place.

At first when I tried to test the system it wouldn't power on at all. Had I done more damage? I wondered.

I tested it again the next day just in case the situation had changed... it had. The system powered on... but sadly it was just like before; the fan would go to maximum and nothing else would happen.

[Conclusion] I have re-assembled the system and concluded that there is some other issue with the main-board. I will sell it as spares/repairs. It can be used as a monitor (if the CPU fan is disconnected)

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