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INTRODUCTION: I acquired this faulty AIO system back in 2020 (I can hardly believe I've been holding onto it since then). The issue is that it won't wouldn't POST.

[August 2022] I tried a replacement CPU and I also replaced the BIOS chip (see September-October 2020 below). After that I pretty much gave up with the system; it could be used as a standalone screen as it had HDMI input so earlier this month I dragged it out of hiding to try it as a screen, and found it to be working again! Well, working as far as POSTing and asking for a boot disk since I had removed the hard drive.

Anyway, I tried it as a screen but was annoyed by the CPU fan always spinning and the system being awkward to switch between PC and HDMI mode.

A week or so later I actually received an offer for the screen as I had listed it for sale as faulty but said it could be used as a screen. I dragged my heels though with regards to accepting the offer since 1) it was now magically working, and 2) perhaps the buyer would be equally annoyed if they were going to try and use it as a screen. I let the offer expire.

Since tinkering with the screen last time I've gained some more experience with replacing capacitors so I think I will venture down that route, it could also be some other component that got jolted into working again after suddenly being powered on after more than a year. I strongly doubt the system will continue to magically work without actually fixing whatever the problem is because it had this issue once before for the previous owner and it worked for some months before failing again and then not working again.

Watch this space.


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  September-October 2020

[28 September 2020] The system, as I received it, would power on but the CPU fan cranks up to maximum. The screen can be used as a screen, and it's a good size, but the CPU fan persists unless the system is opened up and the CPU removed and fan disconnected.

First considerations:
 - Try a replacement CPU
 - Replace the BIOS Chip

I tried a replacement CPU in case that was the fault, but that made no difference. Alternatively I considered it was a BIOS issue. This is soldered in place so not a simple fix for me.

These systems seem to have a good following in Russia where some with the skills and knowledge have done a better job of diagnosing their technical issues like these, but I barely understand their processes (even with GoogleTranslate)!

My options:

  • Replace the CPU: tried, no change
  • Replace the BIOS Chip: See below
  • Use the system as a screen: I have tried this but the CPU fan needs to be disconnected due to the fault causing it to spin at 100% all the time
  • Sell the system on ebay as faulty

- - - - -

[23 October 2020] I received a replacement BIOS chip from the Netherlands and proceeded to unsolder the original and replace it.

The process went well. I had to first remove a heatsink off a nearby chip (pressing down on the hooks and gently rotating the heatsink).

I then worked carefully with magnification and took my time to remove the original BIOS chip using my soldering iron and liquid flux; this was the trickiest part of the procedure since it takes some heat but you don't want to use too much. I have learned from experience that this can either damage nearby components, the solder pads which are held in place with adhesive, or the board.

Once removed I prepared the pads, applying a gentle dose of fresh solder.

I then sat the replacement chip in place and then a little more heat to each of the feet softened the solder and fixed it in place.

At first when I tried to test the system it wouldn't power on at all. Had I done more damage? I wondered.

I tested it again the next day just in case the situation had changed... it had. The system powered on... but sadly it was just like before; the fan would go to maximum and nothing else would happen.

[The Conclusion...or so I thought] I re-assembled the system and concluded that there is some other issue with the main-board and proceeded to sell it as spares/repairs since it could be used as a monitor (if the CPU fan is disconnected).


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