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  Toshiba Satellite M60...

[15 March 2023] I acquired one of these:

It's a 17" Toshiba Satellite M60-132 laptop running Windows XP, and I would go so far as to say that it's a (retro) gaming laptop since it has ATI Radeon 128MB graphics, larger screen, and up-rated audio.

My specimen is in a nice condition and while I'm not into gaming, the built-in speakers are, as far as laptops are concerned, nice for watching movies.

My version came to me with only 512MB DDR2 4200 RAM, but this can be upgraded to 2GB according to the specs. I have tried 4GB with 2 x 2GB DDR2 6400 but it failed to startup. I got it to startup with a 2GB and the 512MB module, but only 2GB was recognised by the BIOS. Perhaps 2 x 2GB DDR2 5300 modules will work. For now I have ordered 2 x 1GB modules.

Hard Drive:
My version was supplied with a 60GB IDE hard drive. I have an IDE to CompactFlash card adapter which I have tried it with, but there is little performance improvement over a hard drive, and less capacity with my 8GB card.

The mouse pad doesn't work on mine; the function key works for it but still nothing. The battery also holds insufficient power to switch it on.

I'm contemplating what to do with the laptop. I have the original recovery discs.

More info [here]

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