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  Logik MI1006 (aka Memorex iListen)...

[28 September 2020] I recently acquired one of these, a Logik MI1006 iPod docking system with built-in FM radio. I received it because it's faulty: The display flashes and nothing more.

I looked online and found that others have the same issue and the advice is to replace the 12V 3.5A power lead. I decided this wasn't preferable for me due to the cost of a replacement vs. the value of the system.

Someone else on the forums had an issue with something in their system coming loose and rattling around inside. They wondered how to dismantle the system to rectify this.

Here would be my process:

The system is screwed together by 8 Philips-head screws inserted from the front, but the front is then covered with the single piece mesh grill that is held on with adhesive.

It doesn't seem possible to remove the grill without spoiling it; I tried to use a heatgun to soften the adhesive with no luck.

Therefore I would recommend piercing the grill to undo the 8 screws. The system will then come apart. Once work inside is complete the 8 holes can be covered over with self-adhesive circular 'covers' of approx. 10mm in diameter. The end result should look neat enough.

To locate the 8 screw holes beneath the grill, you should be able to do this by pressing in the relevant locations as indicated by the diagram below.


The next step is to pierce the grill in these locations and push the screwdriver through to reach the screws.

- - - - -

These systems are fairly modular inside meaning there is the possibility of repair, modification or the utilisation of parts.

I have no use for an iPod docking station but it may be possible to utilise the amplifier and speakers on their own by adding in a method of controlling the output and using an existing 3.5mm socket for input. The FM radio circuitry seems fairly independent also, although manual operation of the tuner would surely need to be added to separate this from the front controls.

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