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  Maths... 40.3 = 1.516

[20 August 2020] Today I took a back-track and focussed on that initial problem of doing 40.3 = 1.516 on my calculator. I had come to realise that my calculator only had buttons for square roots and cube roots; I couldn't change the 2 or 3 to anything else. The user manual I had found online was for the Casio fx-85W and not specifically my fx-85VH. It showed illustrations of the x key and gave instructions on how to use it, but these didn't help me.

Then, while I was trying to make sense of the various model numbers I saw a picture of fx-115S of which the buttons look very similar to mine and I managed to download a manual for that one instead. Most notably the fx-115S has above its Xy button the illusive x key. On my calculator it is shown as X1/y

I then headed to the relevant section of that manual and found these examples on page 96:

On the second one I changed the numbers for the troublesome 40.3 and got 1.516 . . .! Yay. It now seems so simple and I'm not sure why I had difficulty from the start.

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