Euro Truck Simulator 2


Issues Encountered (and proposals):

Part of the setup procedure screen was not as logical as it could have been, with me clicking on things that weren't clickable, namely you you choose your name and your company's name but you also have to choose your gender (female was pre-selected) and select a picture of someone based on that.

I would like this to be multiplayer. When I see other trucks on the road I wish they were actually other people (and I give them a friendly honk of my horn!) or that I could do trucking missions with friends/family as a way to socialise/hang out in this virtual way... being in a little convoy and being able to communicate via radio.

Back to Windows:
Getting back to Windows is not straightforward; you can quit out of the game at any point with Alt+F4, but to navigate to another application I do CTRL+Alt+Del and open up Task Manager. If I leave the game running in the background for too long though it has often ended up with a blank screen when I return to it and I have to quit out and go back in.

Is there multi-screen support? Having a wider view would be advantageous. or even having my mirrors out on separate screens.

Some lessons, especially for things like reversing trailers would be great, like a co-driver to tell you how to do it because figuring these things out on your own doesn't seem very realistic.

There is a tiredness aspect to the simulator, however, this resets between jobs, which I think is unrealistic (or an assumption by the game that you've not gone straight from one job to the next)... generally I think there should be a better flow through the whole sim to maintain realism. This would also give me an in-game opportunity to take an actual break, rather than pausing mid-job... for a job! (Of course, I could do this between jobs...)

The first time I caught a ferry and arrive at the destination I was confused; the 'catch a ferry' display was still present and I ended up travelling back and forth (costing me money each time), until I realised... when you arrive, you need to pull forward and then the 'catch a ferry' option disappears and your navigation map reappears.

Occasionally you'll get diverted because of an accident or something. This obviously adds distance and time onto your journey, risking a late delivery. Helpfully the 'satnav' quickly readjusts although I do wonder if it would be worth looking at a map and considering a route for myself. Alternatively... ignore the diversion!

There are emergency services blocking the route you want to go, but I realised on one occasion I could get down the side of the blocking vehicle and continue on my way unhindered. I thought I would get penalised but no. Then up ahead I saw the accident scene... and a helicopter parked on the motorway! Its rotors were spinning and I was heading towards them, surely it would be a collision! But no, I drove straight through them! Surely this shouldn't be possible!

On another occasion fire engines had cordoned off my route, and I inched past them:

This shouldn't be allowed!

Some how I can still get awarded "Excellent" even through I rolled the truck, and returned it with damage [see 30/06/21]. Maybe it just says Excellent at the top for every job because it assumes you did your best.

Some you can just drive straight over!

Traffic Lights:
In Europe they don't have a set of traffic lights opposite the junction, so if you pull up to the white line (as the truck on the right has done) you can't see the lights. You either have to hang back, or wait for the person beside you, or coming the other way, to pull away first. Is this how it is or has the game omitted those lights? In the UK they are there.

Emergency Lane:
It was brought to my attention [link], that you can drive in the emergency lane and exceed the speed limit, all without penalty! You just have to be careful because the lane can end suddenly or be obstructed and you have to pull back out into the road proper, risking a speeding fine or collision! I have tried to cut corners by traffic lights to avoid having to stop for a red light, but it doesn't work, you get fined still for running the red light.