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[11 August 2020] I've had a Sony ebook reader for a while. I bought it second-hand and didn't expect much of the battery. It has been working ok for me but if I don't use it for a while, when I do come to use it, often-times the battery is too low. I've therefore given myself the challenge of replacing the battery, which looks fairly straightforward since the back of the reader has screws in.

[01 September 2020] I finally received the replacement battery for my Sony eReader. Or rather, the replacement and the replacement replacement battery... in a similar fashion to the camera battery I ordered from VHBW on ebay the first eReader battery didn't arrive so I contacted them... I waited the time stipulated and still nothing so yesterday I got ebay to 'step in' and they immediately refunded me and I left negative feedback accordingly (I left neutral feedback for the camera one that turned up late)... then the very next day, today, two batteries turn up! VHBW also contacted me about the negative feedback... what do I do!?*

I have now replaced the battery which was pretty straightforward thanks to a guide on Youtube. The only thing to note is the various screw sizes and the surrounding strip is easy to break; mine turned out to already have a crack in but it all went back together ok, held together with the double-sided tape already in place.

I've been using my Kindle Fire for books lately so when I do come to read a book on the eReader again it will be interesting to see how long a full charge lasts for. The indicator shows the supplied battery containing 3/4 charge.

*I replied to VHBW's email and explained why I'd left negative feedback, but I was happy with how they had contacted me in an effort to resolve the issue so I changed my feedback to neutral; this seemed fair. I think the issue was that their delivery times weren't realistic.

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