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I recently got landed with a pair of ATI graphics cards which I had intended to sell on individually for a small profit, but shortly after I got my hands on what turned out to be a motherboard that supported ATI CrossFire.

My plan then was to set up such a system with two graphics cards and perhaps play some games in CrossFire mode...

One of the games I found on a list of "CrossFire Compatible Games" was Euro Truck Simulator 2, however, I ended up playing this on my main system [see here] and then when I tried to run it on the CrossFire system it wouldn't actually work; a blank window would open, almost filling the screen, and then disappear, that was it. I tried adding a command to the game to disable DirectX, but that made no difference. I can run the game with CrossFire disabled in the AMD control panel, although it is somewhat sluggish to load compared to my main system (I'm not sure why as both are installed on an SSD).




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