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  Compaq iPAQ...

I recently found a Compaq iPAQ H3970 PDA selling for what seemed like a good price. It was deemed to be virtually brand new and complete in its original box that was just a bit worn.

However, as I should perhaps have expected, the battery was not functioning. Seemingly it was too old and had been left for too long with no charge. The seller agreed to partially refund me when I pointed this out and I hoped I might be able to find a replacement battery for it...

Sadly, nowhere seems to have the right battery at the moment. It's a Li-Polymer 3.7V but has a proprietary piece of circuitry attached, likely for power/charging/battery regulation.


 - perhaps I can coax some charge into the battery (this is quite risky and should be done with care)
 - find a similar battery pack and transfer the necessary circuitry

I also picked up a keyboard dock that is pretty neat as the keypad retracts.




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