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  Casio CTK-591 Keyboard...

For a number of years I've owned one of these keyboards (right). It's nothing 'special', just the one I've had with the intention of 'learning to play' stuff on it.

I kind of gave up with that and tried selling it on ebay for a long while but no one was interested in it at my asking price (perhaps I kept the price too high so it wouldn't sell and I'd have to keep listening to it beckoning... "play meee.... play meeee..." So, this year (2022) I begin by rekindling my original intent. Actually it's December 28th 2021, but I have aptly named this day (a Tuesday)... Tunesday, and created this page to document my progress.

I begin with this lesson:

(2 Unlimited - Get Ready For This)

[28 December 2021] I stuck at it for an hour* and can play the right-hand up to 0:37 at 50%. I can kind of do 75% but I want to start incorporating the left hand.

*An hour for me seems like a good start to develop my ability to focus on something I'm actively engaged in, keyboarding is one such pursuit I'm employing to that end.

[04 January 2022] I was curious to see how much my progress had declined in the space of a week with no practice and the answer, thankfully, was very little. After a quick refresher and reminding my fingers where they were supposed to go I was quickly back up to speed. I also found myself quickly comfortable at 75% tempo (for the parts I can do). I tried it at 100% but it feels too frantic and not actually enjoyable to play at this speed. I can play up to 1:24 now and can incorporate some of the left hand with the right (I've been practicing more of that on its own). There is a part that is just an octave higher, so that is easy enough. My keyboard doesn't have enough keys down the bass end so I'm having to decide for myself what to do here compared to the tutorial. I stuck at my practice for an hour and intend to return to it later for another.

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Other songs I'd like to play:
(Everything I do) I do It For You by Bryan Adams

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