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Since I own a car I thought I would list it here as a project since there are a number of things that need doing to it.

The car seen here is not my exact one, but it's similar; I'm not really interested in cars as such (although I like watching people on Youtube tinkering with them). Personally, I just like getting things working right, like with the various bikes I have been working on... I much prefer working on bikes: much less chance of grazed knuckles of seized bolts.

  • Sort out the brake judder - warped disc (they look new) or ABS ring issue? (see below)

  • Inspect rear brakes and handbrake cable

  • De-rust brake pipes ready for next MOT

  • Inspect (and likely replace) spark plugs

  • Replace air filter (standard or induction kit?)

  • Find where rain water is getting in and soaking driver's foot-well

I have now taken delivery of a pair of axel stands so I can more safely proceed...

- - - - -

[31 August 2020] Updates:

  • I attempted to park on a client's steep driveway... the handbrake wouldn't hold that; even parking in 2nd gear didn't keep the car from rolling!

  • The boot lock is problematic.

  • The bonnet keeps popping itself undone; it did this numerous times in one day - I have now lubricated all relevant catches and all is well.

  • I noticed some sooty deposits (whilst I was addressing the bonnet) near the exhaust manifold shield in the engine bay... indicative of an exhaust leak. I need to clean that up and keep an eye on it; this is not good for carbon monoxide in the cabin...

[November 2020] Update:

  • My car had a battery issue this month. Basically the typical thing; I go to start it and the battery is flat. I had been previously tinkering with the boot/trunk lock as it had become stuck in the locked position (mentioned above and now resolved). Since I'd flattened the battery and it was a good few years old I elected to replace it lest it let me down again this winter, or at least I'd worry about it. I sometimes don't use my car for a few weeks since I usually cycle everywhere.

[May 2021] Update:

  • The car got through another MOT earlier this year, there were just a couple of bulb issues to tend to (one had even been the wrong bulb since before the previous MOT). Somehow the handbrake is not an issue for the tester.

  • When I previously replaced the battery I'd discovered one of the terminals was poorly fitted and I had improved this somewhat. This seems to have inadvertently improved the issues with the juddering brakes... either that or if it was a warped disc then this has ironed itself out over time (is that possible?) My thought is that the loose battery terminal was playing havoc with the ABS system, causing it to kick in every time, making the car judder, and further shaking the loose battery terminal.

  • The boot lock issue causes the lock to get stuck, it has done this a couple of times leading me to have to access the boot via the rear seats. Then miraculously the issue resolves itself. It happened a second time for me after my sister had borrowed the car so it seemed to be however she was locking the boot as it happened to her when she owned the car but a mechanic opened it fine! It seems to me the key is worn and since the remote/keyfob doesn't work the single key I have gets used in the driver's door lock and the ignition barrel; these locks and the key have worn in unison but the boot lock hasn't as this isn't used as often. I have tried WD40'ing the lock and catch with no perceptible improvement, instead I have developed a knack with the key and the way I manage the key in the lock which is proving to be reliable, although I can feel the key struggle to operate the lock.

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