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[03 July 2020] My mum found me more projects... namely 4 x bicycles that need various repairs, from brake and gear cables, missing handlebar grips, to a new chain and even a replacement derailleur on the worst one.

I thought this one needed a new chain, but with some penetrating oil it loosened up. This bike has now found a new home.
This one just needed a bar grip and minor tinkering such as oiling and gear adjusting. I also de-rusted the front forks using WD40 and 1200-grit paper. This bike has now found a new home.

I replaced the brake cables and other missing brake parts. I also had to remove an old bike lock the top tube. It seemed the bottom bracket was seized but it loosened up; the pedals needed the same attention. I tweaked the gears and then the bike was ready for sale. It is currently awaiting collection by it's new owner.
This bike needed the most work so far but it has disc brakes so I considered it worth doing. Most significantly it required a replacement rear derailleur and chain, along with new cables and bar grips. I fitted black outer cables and they looked much better than the white ones in my opinion.
[23 July 2020] This was the first bike I actually bought to sell since we had been lacking in girl's bikes at my mum's charity shop. I bought this off someone on ebay. I pumped up the tyres, gave some attention to the rear wheel bearings and fitted a bell to get it ready for sale. It found a new home pretty quick. A week later I bought this bike after spotting it on ebay. Besides needing the gears tinkering with it's in great condition.
[29/07/20] I got this bike very cheap but after replacing part of the rear brake cable (being a fancy BMX is has various sections) and proceeding to adjust the rear brakes I discovered the back wheel is buckled. I hope to be able to iron this out with a spoke key. The bike also needs a new saddle as one side has been pulled off its rail. Another girl's bike, and another bike that needed the front forks rubbing down with "WD40" to get them shiny again.

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