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  Page Not Found...

[23 July 2020]


Each Neocities website is given a not_found.html page by default. You can customise this if you want. However, here's a tip:

If you place any image on this page you can't just refer to it as: any_image.jpg

If you do so, and that image is in the parent directory along with the not_found.html file, that image will only load for 'missing' pages that are sought after in the parent directory. If a visitor tries to access a 'missing' page from another directory the image will fail to load.

I discovered this when I added Brian the Robot to my not_found page:


You must refer to the image as https://[your_site][any_image].jpg

i.e. giving its full address on the internet.

Further queries:

What else to add to a not_found page to get a visitor back on track? "Please click Back on your browser"? "Please contact the webmaster"?