My second mobile phone was an LG KS360 which I fondly used for a number of years. While I never really used it for taking photographs I have recently (July 2022) brought it back into commission as a little photo-taking side project (I think it perhaps takes better pictures than my current (non smart) phone).

JPG up to 1600x1200 ("2.0MP")

Photos on this page are generally unedited (except for rotation), however they are reduced by 25% - clicking for full view will reveal the camera's limitations.

I noticed in rotating portrait pictures and then proceeding to re-save them that 15% compression was required to result in the same file size, implying to me that this is the amount of compression that the phone uses at it's Fine setting.

26-28/07/22: It appears the camera in this phone doesn't handle cloudy conditions well. But with blue skies... I am reminded how easy it is to get my finger over the lens!

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