I'd actually considered a Panasonic Lumix DCM-FZ30 when I was looking at the Fujifilm I ultimately bought. The Fujifilm served me well until I "fell down a mountain and broke it". There was something about the FZ30's styling (in silver at least, I don't find the same with the black version) that caught my eye and I hunted this one down when I once again needed another camera.

It's not all perfect of course; let's list some down downsides:

 - it requires proprietary batteries instead of my preferred AAs, mine included two batteries, but one doesn't last long and I'm considering purchasing a third.
 - only 8MP
 - it is limited to 2GB SD cards (but given the low resolution this isn't really a problem)
 - video only at 640x480 and no external microphone input

A funny thing is, I later saw the FZ30 starred in the Twighlight movie in the canteen scene. It's an ideal prop camera here because it features a fold-out screen which can be closed away and the view finder used instead.



[February 2023]
Upon receiving the camera I went out to have a play with it.
This was one many pictures I took that day, but it remains my favourite with this camera so far.


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