Old webcam files from the year 2000...

...beginning with the installation of my first webcam... a "Creative Video Blaster WebCam3 USB", complete with user manual.

  • This is me in my bedroom in the year 2000.
    The walls covered with posters and postcards which I collected (I still have a box full of them). One poster is of a nuclear power station which I visited whilst on holiday... I now live just a few miles away from that very place.

  • That's a black and white TV behind me, it cost 7 from a carboot; in our family we were late adopters of colour televisions, mainly due to a lack of money (in the UK we have to have a TV licence for watching TV and it's cheaper for a B&W licence).

  • My bedroom was adorned with black, white, red and grey colours, but also some sky-blue left over from when I had a model railway in there for a time.

  • The chest of draws behind me... my mum still has those; I painted the checkerboard effect on the middle draw. It took me a long time to do and I had intended to do all the draws (and another set I had) but it took me too long to do that one, so I gave up!

  • The headphones I wear... I gave them away when I moved house, but later on I bought the same ones. I still have them.

  • This is my first PC. I bought it brand new with some money I won, costing me around 1000 complete with 17" CRT, parallel printer and scanner. It has Windows 98 on it. It has an AMD K6-2 CPU running at 368MHz, 128MB RAM and a 10GB Hard Drive (later a 20GB drive was added). It also a DVD ROM drive which was a new thing at the time, although the computer could only just cope with playing DVDs without stuttering; I remember watching The Matrix on it. The 2.1 speakers were a later upgrade.
  • This is me copying Cristina Aguilera's pose...

  • This is me being silly, hugging my computer. I'm in Yahoo! Chat here, sending someone a hug... likely one of my first online girlfriends!

  • When my computer's PSU died, due to it being a microATX it was cheaper to get a new case that included an ATX PSU (this one also included matching keyboard, mouse and speakers). This was, I now realise, the first time I rebuilt a computer.

  • I still have that mug.


  • This picture represents the beginning of my journey into hoarding and tinkering with computers. I was given a few of these old machines from a local school having a clearout. I can't remember exactly what they were but they had Windows 3.11 on them and I put one in my brother's and sister's rooms and networked them to mine via "10BASE-T".


  • This is Lucy. I still have that toolbox, pencil case, and rucksack...


  • This where "Garden Cam" really began, with my webcam pointed out of my bedroom window. On the left is my dad watching Fanta the rabbit. On the right is me talking to Fanta and guinea pigs in their pen.

  • Occasionally other creatures would appear on my webcam.

  • Seeing the sunrise after staying up all night on the internet...

  • More of Lucy, and my skateboard and sidewinder / snakeboard.

  • This is me early in my journey as a coffee drinker... I still have that mug.


  • This is me trying to look cool "playing guitar".

  • Behind me on the left is a Jade Plant aka a money tree; I still have that plant.


I hope you enjoyed this little trip down memory lane.

- BMH Online -