Day 8 / 16th January 2021

I'd had a busy/active day yesterday, cycling some 30 miles. I was curious how this would affect my sleep. I knew it meant I needed a good night's sleep, so I set my alarm for later than usual (8am) so that I might wake up when I felt like it, and that's what happened. I woke at 7:30 and dozed calmly into consciousness, recalling the dreams I'd perhaps experienced through those various REM cycles from 4am onwards.

There are two curious parts to last night's sleep chart. Firstly, I settled down to sleep at 10pm, but the tracking of that doesn't start until later. Secondly, there is that lengthy Deep sleep period around 4am. While last night was little different compared to other night's total Deep sleep, that chunk appears to be the largest so far; was that a necessary "recovery period" following that cycle ride yesterday, I wonder.

After reading in bed for an hour I got out for my morning run.

My best avg bmp when running so far was 155, so today's was close to that at 152 (but perhaps exactly when I start and stop the tracker can skew that for a short run like this), but my peak was higher at 175 bpm (previously 172 bpm), even though my finishing sprint didn't feel like my best.

Later, I went out for my typical 18 mile ride...


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