Day 7 / 15th January 2021

For this morning I had set the Charge 4 to wake me 'around 7am', this meant it could wake me at its choosing between 6:30 - 7:00am, based on my determined sleep cycle. My main alarm was set for my desired time of 6:45am. The Fitbit woke me at around 6:40am.

This was the first time I had tried this feature and it seemed to work reasonably well for what was for me my earliest (intended) start yet - I had a busy morning of cycling lined up so I was keen to wake up feeling well refreshed and at my best.

The chart shows that I struggled to wake up at the buzz of the Fitbit on my wrist, and continued to doze after my main alarm. According to the chart I wasn't in a REM state, although I vaguely recalled that I had been dreaming, but nothing I could relay to my dream diary.

My morning ride consisted of a 30 mile round trip (my longest ride logged so far). It had a brief stop on the way out, then an hour at my destination before returning home with a weighty laptop in my bag.

It was quite a relaxed ride, hence the 108 avg bpm and peak of only 140 bpm, but it was a nice ride.

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