Day 3 / 11th January 2021

Last night didn't go so well. I was in bed on time, and woke around 2am again like last night, but then I woke again shortly after 4am (recalled that I was dreaming here too) but couldn't get back to sleep. I dozed for a while (this shows as light sleep but I was pretty conscious, just not motivated to drag myself out of bed), and then by 6am I gave up with the idea of sleep and carried on with my morning routine of getting a cup of tea and reading a book (6am). I had set my alarm clock for 15 minutes earlier (6:45am) but this plan didn't play out!

I certainly didn't feel refresh, but the positives are that I still got 50+ minutes of deep sleep and over an hour of REM sleep, which is technically comparable to two nights ago when I did feel like I had a good sleep.

The Fitbit app informed me there was a Firmware update available form my Change 4 so I let it do its thing. More on this in a moment.

After my read I managed to motivate myself to go out for my morning run; the idea of adding another chart to my list helped with that.

Today I manually activated my activities on the Fitbit device rather than have it guess what was going on (since yesterday it had got this a little wrong*)

The abrupt end to the chart above is because I stopped the activity on the device as soon as I got home and my heartbeat was still high.

Today's heartbeat was only 2 bpm lower than yesterday's average, but it peaked lower at 165 bpm compared with yesterdays sprint effort of 173 bpm. That poor sleep surely didn't help.

Later on I went out for a ride which included a brief visit to a shop.

Not much energy here although the average bpm was only 4 lower than the ride two days ago. The peak was quite a bit lower though at 138 compared to 170 bpm on that previous ride. I had a headwind to contend with today on the way back, not that that should affect my heart's bpm.

*So, in conjunction with manually starting and stopping activities, I had updated the firmware on my Change 4. This had turned the GPS back on. I had originally chosen to turn this off because I didn't want the device or app tracking my whereabouts (it also reduces battery consumption). The feature also didn't work well when it did turn itself back on. Part the way during both my run and cycle GPS signal was lost. This meant that for both activities the distance travelled wasn't accurate, laughably so for the bike ride which apparently totalled 4 miles, even though it took me over an hour!

It seems I can't delete only the GPS data/resulting maps from Fitbit, only the whole activity.

I have now, again, turned off GPS. With the new firmware this has to be disabled on each of the activities on the Change 4, there isn't a single setting anywhere (that I could find) that would turn off GPS for everything.

Here's hoping a sleep better tonight!

- BMH Online -