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Euro Truck Simulator 2...

Back in 2020 I found myself playing Live for Speed for about a month. Then, in 2021 I found myself playing Euro Truck Simulator 2 (ETS) which I also found free to play [here]. Sadly I sold my steering wheel back then, but I'm enjoying this so far simply using the keyboard.

I'm enjoy the realism and the challenges faced with manoeuvring large vehicles [see below] (something that has always looked like a dark art!) and trekking about Europe. Completing a job without incurring fines (speeding, or improper use of lights) is also a challenge. I'm using this page section to keep a track of the locations I've been, some of the interesting loads I've hauled, and Issues I've encountered (or proposals I've considered) along the way.

Current Level: 20

08/05/22: [UPDATE] I haven't played ETS2 for a while now and have little interest at present to return to it. These pages will remain here for now.

22/01/22: I'm still trucking, after 6 months. I mostly do just a single job every other day or so; I find the task of driving from collection point to delivery to be relaxing (although getting fined for improper use of lights, on or off, is annoying). Then the delivery part is fun as I'm pretty confident with manoeuvring most trailers now.

I have amassed over $200,000 in the game as a solo driver and I'm considering delving into other areas of the game that might make use of that, such as running a fleet and hiring other drivers - I'm I only vaguely aware of these kinds of features.


26/08/21: The heaviest rain I've experienced in the game... actually I think it was hail and there was lightening too and visibility was very bad:


20/08/21: My first delivery of tractors (I'd often seen lorries with these loads and I wondered when I'd get my own) but I failed... getting wedged on this barrier. I tried and tried but in the end I had to call for assistance (a recovery vehicle essentially deposits you at a repair centre).

I finally delivered my load, neatly backing into this space (again in one slick manoeuvre... I'm getting good at this!)


17/08/21: I thought this delivery spot was going to be tricky... I thought I might need to reverse all the way down the road or something...

Thankfully there was room to pull to the right and then back in... which I did on the first try...


11/08/21: I wonder, as I hitched up to my next job, a double-trailer affair... how the hell did someone park it in here?!

I then had to park it myself, once delivered, into this simple spot... however, it wasn't simple and I think this was the first time I failed to park my trailer... I drove round the yard in a wide circle, but no matter how many times I tried, the end trailer ended up out of the designated space. I couldn't pull forward and back it into the space either. I'm sure it would be possible by someone with the ability of maenouvering such trailer configurations, but not me...


04/08/21: I had a bad day...


28/07/21: Somehow I could fuel-up with my truck this far away from the pump! I'd been sleeping in the bay to the right and when I woke and needed fuel I inched forward rather than do a trip round the gas station #lazy... it detected I was in the refuelling zone and let me fill up!

Now another one of these awkward spots to reverse a trailer into!


27/07/21: Another tricky spot to reverse into (it took me a few attempts):


19/07/21: I had big impact today... into a train crossing barrier; I'd just come round a bend and didn't notice the crossing (and that the barriers were down AND there was a train passing) until too late. It's somewhat silly that you can crash into a barrier at speed and not break IT instead of your truck! I've done something similar at checkpoints/toll booths where I've not stopped in time (I even tried to quickly follow a vehicle ahead through without paying, but that didn't work!)

This was a tight spot to reverse into!

I got a "Good Work" award, rather than the usual "Excellent" or "Late":

Now to sort out that damage...

18/07/21: Today's jobs weren't without issue...

Ouch! That was my largest fine to date! Oh well, the load as delivered and successfully parked in this space:

Now a quick hop to Finland:


17/07/21: Since arriving in Russia I've been enjoying the sights and soviet signs...


14/07/21: I arrived at a yard with a delivery... and saw my next... gotta love a double-trailer challenge!
The delivery wasn't even to where I wanted to get to! (and yes, I successfully back into that space)...


11/07/21: I had this wide load to deliver...


10/07/21: A little bit of damage today...

Date (recent 1st)   *Interesting Load
29/07/21 St Petersburg - Kouvola Tyres
  Luga - St Petersburg Smoked Sprats
28/07/21 Luga - Pocmapk Used Plastics
27/07/21 Rezekne - Pskov Plums
22/07/21 Luga - Nava Wheat
21/07/21 Helsinki - Luga Chimney Systems
20/07/21 Tallinn - Helsinki Scaffolding
  Riga - Paldiski Logs*
  Utena - Riga Marble Blocks
19/07/21 Panevezkys - Utena Scaffolding
18/07/21 Kalinigrad - Panevezkys Concrete Beams
17/07/21 Holsingborg - Gdansk Reservoir Tank
16/07/21 Rostock - Holsingborg Used Packaging
15/07/21 Kassel - Bremen Tractors
  Dusseldorf - Kassel Potatoes
14/07/21 Brussels - Dusseldorf Salt & Spices*

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Do you play this game too? Let me know; I'd love to hear your views!



So far I have only played the game with a keyboard but I have just purchased a Thrustmaster Steering Wheel and pedals with will no doubt affect my game-play and times.


Keyboard Shortcuts:

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CrossFire Links:

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Manoeuvring Large Vehicles...

When you come to deliver a load you're given three options:

  • Do the full required manoeuvre (earns highest xp based on difficulty it seems and generally requires reversing into the space) [right top]

  • Do a simple park of the load (typically 15xp), [right bottom] or,

  • Leave the load there for them to sort out (0xp).

A complicated manoeuvre takes more time so the idea is you can consider if you're running late already, however, I've found that now my confidence has grown I am more willing to take on the challenge, regardless of the time (which I haven't been paying attention to anyway), and I enjoy the satisfaction of getting a trailer in its spot, even if it takes multiple attempts. Reversing a trailer still seems like a dark art and I get confused which way I could be turning the wheel (using a keyboard also causes me to lose track of how many turns of the steering wheel I've done. [A tutorial would be nice.]

I had this option for 90xp... reverse into that space! I didn't have time IRL to give that multiple attempts! [I have since done a few of these manoeuvres]:




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