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BOINC Configuration... Depending on the system, I may change some settings (Options > Computing preferences):

Time between work units: I'm curious about the time it takes my computer's GPU to finish a work unit. I've noticed on my main computer that it seems to stop processing at 99%. It then does nothing for a noticeable length of time (the GPU fans go quiet as it's no longer under load). That final 1% takes a long time when surely the system could be doing more. The advice for Einstein@home it to only run one work unit at a time on a graphics card (mainly due to GRAM constraints), but surely if it ran two, it could at least be getting on with one while it's finishing another...

Limit the number of CPU cores: If a computer only crunches on the CPU and is not used by anything else or at risk of overheating, I will likely have CPU usage at 100%. One also needs to consider if the CPU is Hyperthreading enabled since these are classed as CPU cores also. This can get confusing with regards to setting a percentage; ideally you want maximum processing but not at the risk of bottle-necking, which is more of a risk when using a dedicated GPU.

Suspend when... On a computer like 'Phenom' which has 6 CPU cores and no GPU, I have it run at 100% but it is set to Suspend work while the computer is in use. On computers with a GPU I might use the option to suspend while a particular application is in use that is calling on the demands of the GPU also. Different types of data being crunched by BOINC might have a different impact. Instead, I may just manually disable GPU crunching or all crunching temporarily should I notice an sluggishness in what I'm trying to do.

Limit Network Usage: During normal usage I limit network usage to 100 KB/s. I only remove this cap when first setting up a project on BOINC so it can more quickly download all of the initial files and work units. I cap my usage because my broadband connection is not very fast and it will impact me if one of my computers is suddenly downloading a bunch of work units.

Storing work units: I set my computers to download 2 days worth of work, plus an additional 2 days. This was recommended for the SETI@home project to help keep stocked up during server outages, while not being overly demanding on servers when they come back online (when lots of users will all be demanding work).


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