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My Computers... So far I have the following computers participating in Einstein@Home with some others waiting in the wings:







2600K is my main computer and most of the time it runs Windows 10 although it can also BOOT to Ubuntu. It features an Intel 2600K CPU and has an Nvidia 1060 Graphics Card also (with capacity for another). In fact it has a 3rd slot and in the past I have dabbled with running three graphics cards and even two power supplies with this system but using that third slot was always problematic, particularly from a heat-perspective.

Phenom resides at my mum's house and is aptly named because it features an AMD Phenom X6 CPU. It runs Linux Ubuntu. It is the lowest spec'd computer in my arsenal since it has no dedicated graphics card, only those 6 x CPU cores.

BIOSTAR is called that because it is built around a motherboard of that brand. It has Windows 10 on it, an AMD A4-5300 GPU and 8GB of RAM, along with an Nvidia GeForce GTX 760.


2021-2's Computers:











2600K (as above)

Phenom (as above)

iccleBeast is not really that now, but the fundamentals of the system were in a smaller case than it is now. It has an Intel Core i5 CPU, 8GB RAM and presently a single Nvidia 1060 graphics card, although it originally had two graphics cards installed. It runs Ubuntu but also has Windows 10 (when I get round to reinstalling it).

BIOSTAR is called that because it is built around a motherboard of that brand. It has Windows 10 on it, an AMD A4-5300 GPU and 8GB of RAM.

P5NE is an Intel Core2 Quad system running Windows Vista 64-bit. It has Ubuntu also but I couldn't get drivers to work with the Nvidia GTX 660 graphics card. Potentially the P5NE-SLi motherboard can have two graphics cards installed in it, but it's not set up for that right now.

Apple is called this because it is in a case that is reminiscent of an old Power Mac.

NOLAN is a computer that has a faulty Ethernet socket, so it is connected to my home network with a USB Ethernet adapter.


Others waiting in the wings...

Phenom2 is a work in progress. It is another AMD Phenom X6-based system running Ubuntu. It has 8GB of RAM; I found 4GB wasn't quite enough for comfortably loading the OS, BOINC and six work units.

WO is an AMD Athlon 5200+ system. It usually uses a graphics card to crunch data but lacks one for now and is only number-crunching on the CPU. It is dual-boot, either Windows 7 or Ubuntu, but is using the latter right now.

Core2Quad is just that, an Intel Core2Quad-based computer running Ubuntu, it also has an Nvidia 1060 graphics Card. This computer is in my 'entertainment room' and is occasionally used to watch DVDs on a TV screen. It's hooked up to two old Sony amplifiers (one for the front and one for the rear) and nice-sounding speakers to provide quadraphonic audio (I much prefer this over small satelite speakers and a subwoofer rumbling away in the corner).

G43T is called because of the model of the motherboard (which is from a Dell Inspiron 560). It is running on Ubuntu with its Intel Core2Quad CPU. A quirk of this system is it needs to have a system fan (and keyboard) connected otherwise it wont boot (the BIOS has no option to ignore this).


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