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From Great True Stories of the Islands...

This book by Claude Williamson contains a number of short stories about 'islands'. Every so often I record one of these. Those recordings are listed here (latest first):

St. Luke in Acts of the Apostles (4:48) ~latest~
Heligoland by R. B. Lockley (30:06)
La Brea by Charles Kingsley (48:50)
The Pearl of the Mediterranean by J. W. Horsley (29:24)
A Fortunate Isle by G. M. Hamilton (13:25)
Barbados by Freya Stark (12:37)
At St. Helena by Captain Joshua Slocum (9:25)
The Fiji Islands by F. H. H. Guillemond (27:01)
The Lofoden Islands by Edmund Gosse (59:24)
Rockall - The Lonely Island by Seton Gordon (9:16)
Father Damien by Claude Williamson (41:22)
Sir Francis Drake's Diary (13:53)
Siven Land by Norman Douglas (6:29)
Tristan da Cunha - The Lonely Isle by G. Cooper (36:29)
Enchanted Islands by John Culmer (6:01)
The Birth of an Island (12:47)
Boswell's Journal of a Tour to the Hebrides (26:07)
Legends from the Isles of Shoals (12:00)
Farne Islands Sanctuary (5:16)
Guano Island (3:24)
On the Way or All Aboard! by Claude Williamson (42:46)
Cagliari by Hilaire Belloc (7:53)
The Original Robinson Crusoe (16:03)

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