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Reading Pile:

Some to re-read:

Date Published Title Author(s) Date Read
2005 Cracking the Symbol Code Tim Wallace- Murphy 2013
2007 The Secrets of Solomon's Temple Kevin L. Gest -
2010 The Hiram Key Revisited Christopher Knight and Alan Butler 2011


Currently Reading:

The Western Esoteric Traditions by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke
 - A  historical introduction


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Christmas Stories by Charles Dickens

I believe it was last year that I started reading this, and this year I continue. I like the time that Dickens writes from and how he conveys it. Even the writing style is different, although sometimes hard to follow.

So far this year I have read Somebody's Luggage.

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The Oxford Book of English Ghost Stories by M. Cox and A. A. Gilbert

I saw this book at a carboot in September and thought it would be idea to read my way through it in the evenings of the month of October, leading up to Halloween.  I managed half of it, but I have enjoyed most of the stories so far - they're published in chronological order. I'll save the final half for next Halloween.

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The Magic of Sleep Thinking by E. Maisel and N. Maisel
 - How to solve problems, reduce stress, and increase creativity while you sleep

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The Complete Book of Dreams by Pamela Ball
 - A practical guide to interpretation and dreaming creatively

I've been actively intrigued by dreams since childhood when, as I recall, I dreamed of a burning city and the following day drew, with crayons, a colourful picture of a scene I saw. With my school friends I was into digging in the mud and a following day at school we unearthed some charred remains beside the school playground - I was convinced this and my dream had been related.

While the internet is a useful resource for looking up particular dream symbolism, it's certainly handy to have a book instead, and now I have one with this book that I picked up at a thrift shop. A lightly thumbed paperback it weighs in at 500 pages, and as other reviews on Amazon have pointed out, the font size is very small. This means there is a lot of information packed in, but also that you need quite good eyesight!

As is commonplace with such books, the second half forms an A-Z, whereas the first half covers the following:

 - Introduction
 - Sleeping and Dreaming
 - Dream Interpretation
 - Managing Your Dreams
 - Creating Your Own Reality
 - Enhancing Your Dreams
 - Dream Dictionary: Common Images

The final pages cover:
 - Living With Creative Dreams
 - Tips And Techniques

The introduction curiously states (p.9): "It has been discovered that at certain stages in the development of control over creative dreaming some very bizarre distortions take place." What bizarre distortions I wonder.

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Great True Stories of The Islands by Claude Williamson

This book contains 40+ short stories, written by a variety of authors, about various islands around the world. I have been gradually working my way through the book and often record me reading the tales, of which I upload as audio books - you can find out more in the Audio section.

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Astronomy for GCSE by Patrick Moore

I'm slowly working my way through this book, researching further things of interest. You can find out more in my Astronomy section which is dedicated to this pursuit.

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Read so far in 2023:

The Occult of Nazism by Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke
 - Secret Aryan Cults and Their Influence on Nazi Ideology

I discovered this book after beginning to read Goodrick-Clarke's later book The Western Esoteric Traditions, so I opted to read this one first.

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The Origin of Satan by Elaine Pagels

 I read Elaine's Gnostic Gospels back in 2018. That was published back in ? this was published in 1996.

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The Secrets of the Service by Anthony Glees


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Stalin's Silver by John Beasant


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UFOs and Nukes by Robert Hastings
 - Extraordinary encounters at nuclear weapons sites

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Area 51 by Annie Jacobsen
 - An uncensored history of America's top secret military base

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The Perfect Day by Ira Levin
 - His chilling novel of our future world

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What is Good? The Search for the Best Way to Live by A. C. Grayling
 - Hanoi and Saigon


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Two Cities by Neil Sheehan
 - Hanoi and Saigon



The Communist Takeover of Hangzhao



The Magick of Matter by Felix Flicker



Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom by Patrick Moore






Magicians, Wizards & Sorcerers



Because some of my reviews on books have increasingly included vast notes and quotations, I would like to point out that I do recognise that these books are protected by the Copyright act. I put my views online to share with other internet browsers in the hope that little snippets of information may be useful and my views interesting. I have always included links to the online retailer Amazon and encourage anyone that finds any title particularly interesting (thanks to what I have to say) to either buy a copy or borrow one from their local library.


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