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The Best Seat in the Universe by Grahame Anderson
Read in 2022



I got this as an ebook as part of an Amazon Prime Trial (it was technically free). The topic looked interesting but I was somewhat sceptical. It's another one of these books that presents itself as a real life story that the author gives as a means for readers to use to better themselves. The story is that a young man's grandad died in hospital while he was there with him at his side. Holding his hand in that moment he found himself pulled along by his grandad into an in between world where they, and other people there drove busses, a sort of representation of people travelling through their lives. Through each chapter they journey to different places, as a sort of 'Pilgrim's Progress' (some places have similar names to that tale), all supposedly to find the best seat of the universe.

That this is all presented as a sort of real thing that happened, is sort of a means of saying "this is how it is"... everyone is driving their own bus, which is kind of nonsensical since buses have only existed for 100-odd years, so why not be riding a camel, or just forego the vehicle altogether and accept that the body is a vehicle for which we travel through this life in? A curious thing for me is that I often have traveling dreams, either where I am driving my own car (from the past or present), or I'm in my car and it's being driven by my dad and I'm a passenger, or I'm riding my bike; I also remember a dream from my childhood where I was driving a makeshift car.

Having said that, the part that could be useful is in considering that each goal in life can be considered as a destination, and in the bus analogy this is presented on the destination board that the driver sets. You travel to each goal, one at a time, rather than bombard yourself with all of the things you wish for ending up making next to no headway. Going round in circles or getting lost are also life experiences that fit well with the bus analogy.

Author's note: "My theory is [that] many people stay on the never-ending loop to nowhere because it is easier, regardless of the pain they endure, than it is to want to face change... Deep down you know if you don't change your current situation you will be in the same position in five or ten years' time."

Somehow, according to the author, your bus will appear when the time is right... except in the story, everyone is driving their bus.

Plan your "stops", your goals, don't be happy with going anywhere, anywhere is nowhere; you have to be specific if you want to hit your target. If you can see your goals as destinations then you can simplify your life. But setting too many goals/destinations at any one time cause distractions that overlap and waste time until you can't remember where you were heading. Focus on one thing at a time; distractions [and stress] cloud decisions.

We limit ourselves by thinking we're not good enough.

"When you move in the right direction, the possibilities become more real."

Set some time aside each day (1 hour?) to forward your goal(s) - sit at the front of your bus and make your life as exciting as possible.



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