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Self Mastery and Fate with the Cycles of Life
by H. Spencer Lewis
Read in 2015


Written by H. Spencer Lewis, the "late imperator of the Rosicrucian Order for North and South America."

This book caught my attention at a carboot. Really to me it does read like an astrology/numerology-based self-help book, for which I have read a few in years gone by, including Life Signs by Claire Petulengro back in 2009, and Zolar's Book of Dreams, Numbers and Lucky days back in 2003. I suppose I was more open to these things back then - I do still glean an insight into people through their star sign, but I no longer bother going all numer-mad over their name.

The author of this particular book, writing on behalf of the philosophical secret society, the Rosicrucian Order, claims this book is "better than astrology or numerology", although my particular issue dates to 1960 and really just gives similar guidance without the backing of where the particular advice came from, such as the myths of ancient Greece or beyond.

I mention this because astrology has links to many cultures throughout history (although it's still classed as a pseudoscience), including the Indians (with their Jyotisha), the Chinese, and the Maya. Numerology, or rather the idea that everything has a numerical relationship, is also classed as a pseidoscience but was of interest to Pythagoras and other philosophers of that time. Indeed, certain numers were considered sacred, holy or magical by the ancient Egyptians, and has close links with astrology.

Nonetheless, Cycles of Life was an informative read and if I was prepared to make my life revolve around the system explained I would perhaps get more from it. Beyond this, there are some insights into dreams and consciousness (page 38-39), the idea that each generation is brought to a higher degree (page 59), and the concept of an inner person vs. an outer person (page 176).


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