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This is a continuation of file 4.

3rd June 2022 (continued)

As a continuation of my thoughts about vlogging, I remembered I have a camera for sale on ebay that can record video. I, for some reason, thought it was capable of 1080, but that was utter nonsense; VGA / 640x480 was its only setting, but part of my recollection was that it included software.

I had not looked at this until now. The CD stated it was compatible with Windows up to XP MCE. It included offerings from MGI, namely "Videowave". I put the disc into my Windows 10 system, and even though it encountered an error during the install it succeeded. I opened it to take a brief look before finding a review on Youtube from 10 years ago. It was pretty damming; it was by that point in time common knowledge that the software was a buggy ass piece of crap - so much for finding something quirky and old, but essentially still useable. Indeed, as I tried a few simple options in the edit suite I managed to crash it a couple of times. Maybe it would work better on a machine of its era... I think I'll give it one last chance, although, to be truthful, it looks less capable than Windows Movie Maker.

8th June 2022
I finally got around to vlogging this morning (or so I thought) for the first time in 6 months.

First I had to decide which camera to use; the webcam being preoccupied being a webcam I first elected to use my actual camera, only to realise I'd left it outside... all night... in the rain (fortunately it does still work). I therefore dug out my smart phone but being out of practice I inadvertently kept taking photographs of myself rather than starting and stopping the video recording... I didn't find this out until I'd spent an hour talking to the thing and came to transfer the files to my computer. Oh well.

I then had an actual job to get to.

This client is one of those who have hardly left the house in the past two years and were still in the mindset that they needed to wear a mask around a stranger. We had a nice chat though.

He seemed to largely blame his plight on China, as if, I don't know, he was oblivious to the fact that other nations were doing research at the lab the 'thing' originated from; or perhaps he just felt that China could have done more to stop the initial spread.

Back at home and I set about charging the three batteries I have for that smart phone I had mainly ever used for vlogging. I think its main issue is that it, for some reason, drains any batteries that are left in it, because the one that was in it (after all these months) was indeed flat, whereas the other two still had 75%+ charge. I don't know why the phone drains batteries (it's shut down, not on standby or in a sleep mode, it just drains batteries). This is why I have ended up with three, because I bought a replacement thinking the other two just weren't any good any more.

I think I will try and vlog again tomorrow. Prior to this morning, I had looked up some advice on Youtube for getting into vlogging, specifically with regards to confidence; I find it (somehow) both weird, but not surprising, how I kind of got into vlogging a little, when I did it for a while, but how out of it I feel again now, as if I am new to it. I ended up watching a video which contained a list of 5 things, but of course to "Just do it" which I pretty much knew already.

Another video cropped up in my feed today from that youtuber, this time from her latest video talking about when "vloggers hit the wall"; she was clearly talking about herself (not that that doesn't discredit the advice), because (as she admitted) she herself hadn't vlogged for a while, and had hit one of her walls.

She talked from the perspective of a 'professional vlogger' as she deemed herself to be, and painted a world that I actually don't want to get into; I don't want to appear as a highly polished person in highly polished videos, produced on expensive equipment in a highly polished house. That's not me and I don't aspire to it; I just want to vlog, casually, but regularly - I would like a Youtube that was more akin to that. Perhaps through me vlogging like that it will encourage others? But then I would surely become an influencer, and again, they come across/portray themselves as highly polished...

I feel quite worn out after my "day's work", since I actually had a couple of jobs today - a practice I get out of; yesterday I pottered about tinkering with my own computers which is far more relaxing to me than being sociable with clients - that seems to take more out of me than doing the actual work; but it was nice.
Monday 13th June
It has been a while since I journalled on this thing, my AlphaSmart 3000, but it is currently nice and sunny and warm outside, so here I am.

I began the day by spilling a cup of tea in bed (just a minor spillage!) After reading there for a while I got on with some work (nothing major), before just tinkering with computers that I have been "trying to get sorted".

I was starting to think I had misplaced my Phenom X6 CPU; at one point I'd installed it in the wrong computer, and then I seemed to think it wasn't in the right computer, when it was... this is what happens when I don't see a project through from start to finish!

My Phenom X6 computer now has Windows installed on an SSD and awaits (amongst other things) some replacement RAM. The computer's case has a USB 3.0 socket but the motherboard don't support that so there is an adapter to convert it to 2.0. I kind of want to get a PCI-Express -> USB 3.0 adapter to make the USB 3.0 socket 3.0, but they're over 10 on ebay, and this seems to be an excessive and somewhat pointless expense for a computer I'm "supposed to be" just selling on ebay. It just feels a little incomplete without it. Perhaps I'll just keep looking for a better deal... the same with the RAM that's required. I could list it as it is for now (at the next listing opportunity).

After dealing with the Phenom X6 I had another tinker with my Antec Fusion media case system where the volume knob wasn't working. Long story short, it now is; for some reason installing a separate sound card rather than using onboard audio resolved it. I'm in the process of documenting more of this in my Projects section. I'm relieved I got the knob working.

I now relax outside with a cup of tea, and shall catch up with my notes on A Short History of Scientific Ideas.
Wednesday 15th June:
I slept in my tent last night (in my back garden). I'd not done this for a while but it had been a warm day, and as I suspected, it would be a warm night; more comfortable, therefore, in that regard to be in the tent.

However, my hayfever had been expressing itself that day so in order to combat that I'd been drinking extra water, which meant my bladded interrupted me in the night and I had to venture indoors to spend that penny. It surprised me to realise it was already 2:30; I thought I'd only been dozing thus far, but I must have actually fallen asleep.

I woke early the next morning proper and vlogged about my ordeal; I'd had my usual back/hip ache in the night... perhaps this is from cycling, or too much sitting each day, or a combination of the two - I need to actively address this (situps & yoga me thinks).

I was surprised to learn, when I came to edit the vlog, that my (phone) camera's microphone (using a lapel mic) had worked perfectly; it has previously always done this weird auto-gain thing that I could never figure out. Perhaps I'd inadvertently resolved this by just plugging the lapel mic in at the right point, there was poor contact in the socket, or it was because I was using an external battery pack that was providing more umph over the internal battery.

So vlogging went well and while I left that file to upload (for 2+ hours), I got to work replacing capacitors on a motherboard from a Dell computer.

As usual I was wary of doing this kind of task; the last time I attempted it on a not so consequential motherboard, it didn't go well - I didn't want to brick this one because I quite liked the system, but three caps were blowing their tops so I felt obliged to do the task.

Removing the caps went pretty well; I used my thicker flux rather than the stuff I had deemed to liquidy from watching a video about SMD repairs, and I also turned the heat up on the iron a little more than usual.

While the caps came out quite promptly, few of the holes were clear (like one was blocked on each of the capacitors), and I was not able to fully resolve this (I couldn't find my little drill too, but perhaps even the bit on that wouldn't have been fine enough). After trying for a while I elected to just attach the caps as best I could and then test things to see if that was enough... it seemingly wasn't; the board would POST to tell me there was no RAM installed, if there was no RAM installed, but wouldn't power on at all with RAM installed.

Hopefully just more fully installing the caps will resolve this as I doubt on this occasion I have damaged anything. At least, I hope that is the case. I have left things alone for now; these setbacks deter me until I can 'regroup' my intent and go back at it calmly, rather than exacerbate my frustration in one sitting.

Back to the vlog upload and I was a little disappointed to find an audio track I had used at a couple of points (namely at the start to cover the silence so the wonderfully functioning vocals wouldn't be a shock once I suddenly started speaking some way in) had been flagged by Youtube as being copyrighted; I'd been lead to the album it was from by another Youtube video where it had been used (and pointed out as such) without copyright infringement, and indeed the video I had 'ripped' it from had no such copyright notice regarding the track. Mine though had been detected as part of a 'remastered' version, which perhaps is copyrighted... but it wasn't from a remastered version... oh well. What to do? It's not as if my videos are monetized (by me), I'm just annoyed it happened, and I believe not for the first time, after have specifically chosen a track I believed was copyright-free.

It's warm again outside today... I'm cooking... back to indoors.

End of file.
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