file 5 - Journal continued...

This is a continuation of file 4.

3rd June 2022 (continued)

As a continuation of my thoughts about vlogging, I remembered I have a camera for sale on ebay that can record video. I, for some reason, thought it was capable of 1080, but that was utter nonsense; VGA / 640x480 was its only setting, but part of my recolection was that it included software.

I had not looked at this until now. The CD stated it was compatible with Windows up to XP MCE. It included offerings from MGI, namely "Videowave". I put the disc into my Windows 10 system, and even though it encountered an error during the install it succeeded. I opened it to take a brief look before finding a review on Youtube from 10 years ago. It was pretting damming; it was by that point in time common knowledge that the software was a buggy ass piece of crap - so much for finding something quirky and old, but essentially still useable. Indeed, as I tried a few simple options in the edit suite I managed to crash it a couple of times. Maybe it would work better on a machine of its era... I think I'll give it one last chance, although, to be truthful, it looks less capable than Windows Movie Maker.
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